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Touchosc + Osculator + Traktor Pro guide

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  • Touchosc + Osculator + Traktor Pro guide

    Hello, as the thread mentions i have problems setting up these 3 components to work with each other.

    I use

    Iphone 3gs w ios4

    A fresh macbook

    Legal Versions of, Traktor Pro, osculator and Touchosc for iphone

    Private network (create network on the macbook)

    I setup the network and everything works fine, i open osculator and it reads all of my messages from the phone, I even see osculator as a midi out port in traktor. BUT i just cant get traktor to read anything i do from the phone.

    So it seems like the messages are lost between osculator and traktor.

    I've given this googles and everything, but i just cant find any guide out there.

    Now i would be very thankful to anyone who could help me out with this since i am dying to use it for my fx while performing live.

    Thanks in advance

    Johannes Drakenberg

    Johannes Drakenberg - Artist
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    Hi Johannes,

    Thanks for the details description.

    I would need to know if you have configured MIDI CC messages in OSCulator so it will send data to Traktor when you do something on the iPhone.

    Also, I remember that some versions of Traktor had problems with virtual MIDI ports (OSCulator Out is a virtual MIDI port, it doesn't belong to any MIDI device). You can try the following:
    • See if you have the latest version of Traktor, or
      1. Go in the Audio MIDI Setup application (found in /Applications/Utilities), and activate the IAC driver,
      2. Use the latest version of OSCulaor (2.10), go in the Parameters window, and open the last tab.
      3. Add the IAC driver to the list of active MIDI outputs
      4. Finally, in Traktor set the same IAC port as an input

    This should workaround your problem.




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      Hello again and thank you for the fast reply, you know you bought a good service when you get good support, so hats of for that.

      I must however say i wasted your time a little bit, i managed to find out what was wrong yesterday night (hours of hair ripping and screaming later)

      I had totally missed the fact that i needed to configure the MIDI CC messages out from Osculator, once i stumbled upon it, it all worked like a charm.

      I am used to plug and play, and when some things only goes "half the way" (like yesterday) i cant stand it.

      I have been sitting in my couch all day with my freshly made layouts for Touch Osc in Traktor where i mapped my Fx panel and some loops to it. And wow i am absolutely mind blown about this since it completes what i have been looking for - a fx panel that takes up little to no space, what better can it be than my phone.

      I will let you know how it performs on stage (you probably already know, but i want to contribute) under stressful conditions, my next step is the wii motes.

      I want to say thank you for an excellent app and for the great support.

      You rock, Never forget that

      Best regards from

      Johannes Drakenberg

      Radio 4/4 - Artist & Event

      Johannes Drakenberg - Artist
      - Facebook - Soundcloud - Tour Dates - Youtube -


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        I add this because it did cost me alost the whole evening:
        Actually traktor reacts only to control messages if a audio interface is selected. Didn't know that, stupid me.


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          That is a great advice.


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            I am still confused. I am at the point of the original poster. Osculator receives the signal from my iphone, but Traktor does not receive anything from Osculator. How do I configure MIDI CC messages in Osculator? I am VERY new to this, so please give me detailed directions. How do I activate the IAC driver? I didn't see any options for that in my MIDI setup options. And how do I select an audio interface?



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              Hi Snoeth,

              The IAC driver was needed for old version of Traktor.
              If you use the latest one, you don't need it (I use Traktor 2 Pro).

              You will know about selecting an audio interface in Traktor's manual, page 16.

              In OSCulator, you will need to configure MIDI CC events for the messages OSCulator has received, and configure Traktor to do something with those MIDI messages. This is not totally straightforward, therefore I would suggest that you download an already made TouchOSC layout, oscd and tsi files instead of rolling down your own.

              There is a section in this forum where you can find pre-canned layouts, and you can also find great ones by searching on Google.



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                I downloaded and installed a TouchOSC layout to my iphone. I know this works because when I hit the buttons on my iphone, the yellow boxes in Osculator light up. I also downloaded and installed the corresponding tsi file for the TouchOSC layout, and imported that into Traktor. But what is an oscd? Maybe this is the step I am missing. I made a video showing my current setting here:



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                  oscd files is a short name for files ending with the oscd extension, which are OSCulator Document files.

                  As you can see from your video, nothing is configured in OSCulator, therefore it won't do anything.

                  If you have a link to where you downloaded your layout maybe I can have a look. Alternatively, you can ask the author of this layout if he has prepared an OSCulator file.


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                    Ahhh, thank you. I knew I was missing something!


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                      I have a problem with this.. I cannot connect my ipad to my mac, and/or use it in tractor. First, I have found one issue, regarding my ip. There is to different, i can see that the IP on the ipad(Network - Touch OSC, is not the same as on my mac..

                      Could this be my main problem? Do I have to make a static IP on the mac, as the same as showed in network in TouchOSC on my ipad?