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oh nooo another "led" question!

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  • oh nooo another "led" question!

    Ok so i know theres led support in OSC, but what im trying to attempt is have an led turn on AND off when a fader reaches a certain point (value). Within the scalings page i can make an led turn on when say value = 100 is reached by a fader .. but i cant get it to turn off at a value higher than 100. ie: i want it to turn on at 100 and turn off at 105.

    Any insight guys / girls?



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    You can try this:

    - In the Parameters window, create one OSC Routings with the rewrite address being /1/led1 (or whatever LED address you shall use), one routing with the fixed argument 0. This will be used to turn off the LED unconditionally.

    - Now, in the main table, duplicate the message that gets the input you are using to control your led.

    - For the first occurence of the message, assign a OSC routing that controls your LED just as before (turns on at 100).

    - For the duplicate, assign the custom OSC routing you just created.

    - Go to the Scalings Page (Command-F), and change the input min / max of both duplicates to match the ranges you want for each of them, and check the Cap checkboxes for each of them as well. The cap checkboxes will prevent the messages to be sent if the received values are outside of the input min / max ranges.