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  • Mrmr + Ableton

    I wanna control a knob in Ableton without a slider, but rather with a set of several pushbuttons. this seems stupid, but i want each button to control a specific percentage upon the knob in Ableton. i basically want each button to be a specific word sound for the Bass-Talking Daisy patch in Live. is this possible or should i just get used to controlling the slider?

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    You can do this with several buttons. There are two solutions:

    - either you tell Mrmr to send a specific value when pressed for a button. (I have not verified this solution, not sure if this is actually possible)

    - or, in OSCulator, displaythe Scalings Page (View menu -> Scalings Page) then for each message, set the output min and max values to the same value.




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      How would i tell Mrmr to assign values to a button press? and i still have the problem that Ableton won't register more than one button at a time for one parameter.


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        You can simply use the same MIDI CC for all the buttons and map it only once in Live.

        This with the scaling trick and you should be fine.


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          I have such a happy now! Thank you so much. i set all the 21 buttons to be on MIDI CC channel 0 and then set the outputs min/max to be 0, .1, .15, etc. it works perfectly now.


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            Please note that if you use version 2.10, the scalings are expressed in MIDI "units" where appropriate. That means that instead of 0.5, you can enter 64, which is more intuitive when you work with other MIDI software.

            OSCulator 2.10 works on intel based Macs running Leopard or Snow Leopard.