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Yamaha LS9 and Ipad (TouchOSC & Osculator) problems

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  • Yamaha LS9 and Ipad (TouchOSC & Osculator) problems

    Hi there

    I am currently enjoying setting up my Ipad to control my Yamaha LS9 mixing console.......

    As osculator doesnt seem to process NRPN messages as yet, I am limited to the basic 127 (or so) Midi CC values that can be assigned in SETUP to various functions.

    I have set up a 3 page set up :

    Page 1 is 31x fader control of rack GEQ1 with a MIX 1 fader

    Page 2 is 31x fader control of rack GEQ2 with a MIX 2 fader

    Page 3 is 16x INPUT Channel Faders + 8x MIX Faders + 8x MATRIX Faders

    Everything works great and I have full control of the desk (great for room EQing remotely!)

    However, my problem is that when I move a fader that is mapped on 2x TouchOSC pages, such as MIX1 level, which is on pages 1 and 3, it is only the fader on page three that is updated.

    The MIDI CC message coming back in (in this case 49) routes back internally to MIXFADER1 on page three, but I can not seem to duplicate this OSC routing so that it also updates the MIXFADER1 on page one!!!!

    Am I missing a simple trick or method to duplicate returning OSC routing???? Have looked in vain and am hoping someone might have encountered a similar problem


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    Hey skinny scary puppy,

    First check that you have OSCulator 2.10-rc1 (most recent version), and delete the incoming /midi/cc/49/1 message to let it be automatically recreated. This version takes care of routing back to multiple sources.



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      Brilliant!! Works like a dream. Will send through all completed files if you want to pop them on for reference

      Many thanks