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OSCulator and mrmr on iPod Touch?

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  • OSCulator and mrmr on iPod Touch?


    I see OSCulator works with OSCemote and TouchOSC - and it says mrmr too - but I'm having problems.

    I want to design my own layouts - and mrmr seems to be the only solution for this at the moment (though I see mention of a TouchOSC visual editor on it looks like it'll be February at the soonest - and that's not soon enough for me).

    But I'm getting unpredictable results from mrmr in OSCulator:- tactile zones 'lock up' and don't send continuous controller data - just 0 or 127; the "blinking LEDs to indicate reception status" only works for push buttons - though all the mrmr osc message are autolisted in a blank OSCulator document.

    Also - and this may not be related to mrmr specifically - OSCulator takes absolutely ages - just sits there with the colourwheel spinning for up to 5 mins - to scan and find the iPhone OSC client over the network.

    Can't find any references to mrmr specifically in the forum or on the website.

    Any advice appreciated. I'm using OSCulator 2.7.1c on a MacBook 2GHz 2Gb RAM running OS X 10.5.6 and mrmr 1.021 client on an iPod Touch 2nd gen running software 2.2.



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    The problem you are having is a mismatch between what mrmr sends and what OSCulator interprets. It is definitely a bug. I must admit mrmr support is not at his best, but it used to work for most situations.

    Could you please tell me what OSC message you are sending to OSCuator that is not working properly?

    As for the delay problem, it is a known problem for version 2.7.1c. There is a bug in a Mac OS X call that causes lockups if your network is not properly configured. In your case, I think you should check if you have a proper DNS server configured in the Network Preferences Pane, and if your computer has a computer name assigned.

    The next version includes a workaround, and I am currently working on finishing the last details to make it available.




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      Hi Camile

      Thanks for the speedy resonse...

      That there's "a mismatch between what mrmr sends and what OSCulator interprets" strikes me as kinda ironic since mrmr claims to be "an ongoing open-source research project to develop a standardized set of protocols and syntax conventions" - but hey ;-)

      So where n is the widgets index position


      works fine


      is 'autolisted' but subsequently shows no reception status and if Event Type is set to MIDI CC send a value of 0 only


      same as above - and the crosshair on the widget itself locks and only moves on retouching the screen


      same as above but sends a value of 127 only


      is autolisted but if the Event Type is set to MIDI Note sends no data

      No accelerometer data is seen by OSCulator at all...

      So if I want to design my own template of just buttons - it's fine ;-)

      Are these issues as expected or reproducible by you? Do you have any advice on whether they might be resolved in a future release - and if so how soon? I'd rather not have to build myself a mrmr OSC to MIDI bridge in MaxMSP - which seems to hear mrmr fine...

      The network hang-up seems to be resolved by switching to an adhoc network - which is probably how I'll use it anyway.

      Any advice appreciated as ever.




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        That there's "a mismatch between what mrmr sends and what OSCulator interprets" strikes me as kinda ironic since mrmr claims to be "an ongoing open-source research project to develop a standardized set of protocols and syntax conventions" - but hey ;-)</blockquote>

        i was talking about the technical side of things rather than their intentions.

        MRMR developpers have decided to use values going from 0 to 127 or 0 to 1000 depending on the situation, where almost everybody is using values going from 0 to 1.0 (floating point).

        thank you for the details, i've opened a support ticket, and will contact you back as soon as i can.


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          I had the same problems with mrmr and OSCulator after updating mrmr. After uploading my patches again, saving it on the iPod and open it again, everything seems to work like a charme.


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            Thanks prewarp.

            Can you tell us what version of MRMR you were using and what is the new one?

            Are they still using values with strange ranges?


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              the version i use is 1.021.

              tactilezoneTouchDown and accelorometers are added in this version and a couple of patches come with it.

              When i open mrmr on my iPod it loads my patch without accelerometer options.

              When i open the accelerometers_demo it works as it should. So now i open my patch again and accelerometer is still working. Too strange, you can´t save this state. I´m waiting for an update on mrmrIB which will support accelerometers.


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                Hi prodical,

                I just tested with OSCulator 2.7.1c and MRMR 1.021 and it seems to work fine, except the pushbuttons, not being properly rescaled (but it works anyway), and the Bonjour discovery not working.

                Can you tell me if the messages you are sending to OSCulator are using the "/mrmr" OSC namespace? If they are not using this namespace, OSCulator can't apply the proper rescalings to make it working okay.

                From what I've read in your previous post, you are using the "mrmr" namespace, which should be changed to "/mrmr".




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                  proper rescaling seems only to be possible if you store and re-open a patch on your mobile device. btw. dunno know if it´s a feature or a bug, but if you hit a push-button in mrmr and stroke over the next two fields it stays blue.


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                    Hi Camile

                    Sorry... didn't intend to come across as having a dig earlier... thinks OSCulator and Mrmr are great initiatives - just thought the gap between the intent and technical reality was amusing.

                    I've taken prewarp's advice and saved and reopened patches on my iPod Touch - and while it does seem to 'clear' some quirks like widgets not responding properly - it didn't sort out the problems I was having above.

                    But switching the Mrmr Prefs option Use Float Values (Controls and sends an integer in the range 0-1000) to OFF sorts out most of them.

                    I've also started to use the mrmr_interfacebuilder app to build an interface, save it and then edit it in BBEdit - prepending the namespace string /mrmrIB to each line - copying it into a multi bank file, saving it and then loading it to Mrmr using the MrmrServer app.

                    I'll report on how successful I am with this approach and give details on any outstanding issues once I've done some more testing.


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                      Hi Camille,

                      I updated mrmr to 1.023 and it doesn´t connect to OSCulator anymore.

                      could you check?


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                        I just tested with MRMR 1.023, and it looks like it works fine.

                        You should check in the Preferences that the configuration is as follows:

                        - Server : the IP address of the computer that runs OSCulator

                        - Namespace : /mrmr

                        - Port : 8000 (or whatever port you are using on OSCulator)

                        - Use Float Values : OFF