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  • no .tsi file


    First, sorry for my english, i'm french

    i discovered Touchosc these days and i uploaded it on my iphone 3GS(4.1), Touchosc editor and osculator for my macbook pro.

    After lots of issues to configurate it (like to disable 3G for having connection with ad hoc, or to write manually the IP adress of my macbook on editor host for finding the template that i did (i didn't understood why did it found the mac automaticaly for the network, everything was fine with default templates, and why did i have to write it for having my synchro and transfering my own template...)

    Anyway, now all is almost done, except that the template created has no ".tsi file" , all templates that i do and i save are creating ".touchosc" file, and Traktor can't open it.

    Did i do a mistake somewhere?

    I tryed to rename the file, gave some try, but nothing.

    Have you got any ideas?

    Ask me if you want more infos.

    Thanks for help.

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    Dear Killian,

    The TouchOSC Editor saves the layouts you create in .touchosc files.

    It is only meant to be used with this application.

    Similarly, .tsi files are designed to work with Traktor, and are used to map the incoming MIDI events to Traktor commands.

    I have not heard of anything that converts touchosc files to tsi files, and I don't think it would make any sense whatsoever. Renaming the files will not help either.

    I am sorry for the network configuration problems you had with TouchOSC Editor, and I invite you to ask for support to Rob, the author of TouchOSC and TouchOSC Editor at this website :




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      Hi Camille,

      thank you for your answer,

      i thougt we could import the template edited directly in Traktor and retranscribe the values.

      So we have to write the values in osculator and do the map manually, and commands are named automatically with the right values when we use "learn" on Traktor.

      That s a bit more tedious but this is surely the price to pay for using this awesome software with Traktor.

      Does someone know where could i find templates for Traktor using Touchosc?

      Thank you.



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        Hey Killian,

        There are a few free Traktor (Pro ?) templates with TouchOSC, OSCulator and tsi files on this forum.

        Have a look here :