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2 way communication with I pad

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  • 2 way communication with I pad


    I'm using an I pad to control Ableton via osculator with the interface TouchOSC. I'm wondering how to route midi/ (any type of message for that matter) from ableton back to the I pad. The intention is to make a visual blinking metronome on the I pad.

    I have successfully sent midi info from Ableton to osculator, however i'm not sure how to send that signal to the button I've created using TouchOSC to the I pad.


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    Here's a suggestion:

    If you want to make a visual metronome, I would suggest you send the MIDI Clock from Live to OSCulator.

    Now, go to the Parameters Window, and click on the OSC Routing tab.

    Drop your TouchOSC layout file on the bottom table. This will automatically import the definitions from your TouchOSC layout.

    Close the Parameters window, and start Live to send some MIDI Clock. You should see a message named /midi/clock registering in the list. Assign an event of type "OSC Routing", and as a value, choose the name of the button or led you want to control.

    Another way of doing this is to manually type the rewrite address in the OSC Routing Editor, but importing the TouchOSC file is just a quick way to have all the controls at hand.

    Please let me know if that helps.




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      Thanks for the reply!

      This does help, however I'm still getting a bit hung up.

      When I drag my TouchOSC file to the table in the parameters window.. it rejects it, it just bounces off..

      That brings me to the next thing...I try to manually enter the routing and for whatever reason, that signal doesn't reach the I pad...

      Heres where I'm at..

      I see the midi signal from Live into osculator!! (great)

      I see the name of the I pad in the parameters window! (great)

      I select OSC Routing, and under value, type the I pad name with the button name... and i don't get signal (not great)

      Any other thoughts? something I am leaving out?



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        I have figured out how to get the midi signal to the I pad...

        I'm still unsure how to get that to the button.

        The input light in TouchOSC is lighting up now, where would I find the routing name/number to get that to the button??



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          Sorry, I was assuming you were using the latest version 2.10.2.

          Update to the latest version to be able to use the drag/drop of the TouchOSC file.

          To know the name of the control you want to send OSC messages to, if this is a button or a fader, just touch it and look in OSCulator what control is causing an activity light to blink.


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            Thanks a bunch. I now have a visual metronome!