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  • Pitch bending

    Im using touchosc with osculator for basic midi controlling, as my controller is kinda cheap...

    It works fine with all the usual CCs (modulation, volume, etc), but Im having some problems with pitch bending.

    Is there a way in osculator to simulate the pitch bend wheel? Like when there is no data coming that the pitch goes to zero?

    How do you guys do it?


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    I'm not too familiar with touchosc, but this may work:

    Assuming that there are no controls in touchosc that automatically center themselves, you could set up one control -- such as a fader -- for pitchbend up and one for pitchbend down. (Or you could use the same control, with different operations according to preset.) This isn't too weird -- the EWI4000s electric wind instrument has separate touchpads for pitchbend up and pitchbend down.

    Pitchbend values run from 0 to 16383, so the value for no pitchbend is 8192. Assign pitchbend (event type = midi note, value = pitchbend) to these controls. On the Scalings page for the pitchbend up control, set Out min = 8192 & Out max = 16383. For pitchbend down, set Out min = 8192 and Out max = 0.


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      Yeah you're right, there are no auto centering faders in touch osc. I've already suggested it to the developper...

      What you're saying could work, at least I could know when the pitch is right in 0 or 8192.

      Thanks for the idea!


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        Thanks Yasha for your solution!

        Here is another one, but it requires more setup.

        The idea is to use the z message of the fader to send it back a fixed value of 0.5 to reset it to the middle.

        How it works:

        - the fader value is sent to the document as another message /pitchbend. Therefore, when we move the fader, it creates a new message named /pitchbend to which we assign the MIDI Note -> Pitchbend event. This will trigger the MIDI pitchbend event.

        - The fader also generates a /1/fader1/z message that we use to forward the fixed value of 0.5 (middle) only when it goes from a positive value to 0.

        - The /1/fader1/z message is duplicated so we send another message to /pitchbend with a fixed value of 0.5, this will send a /pitchbend message with a fixed value of 0.5, thus resetting the MIDI value as well.

        And attached is the layout and OSCulator document as an example.




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          Originally posted by camille View Post
          The fader also generates a /1/fader1/z message
          I can create the /pitchbend message but .../z is not generated.... have u got an idea? Thanks & HAPPY NEW YEAR ...a true Osculator fan


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            I've found out, thanks!!... in the TouchOsc prefs... ;-) Osculator+TouchOSC=Heaven Peace