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how to create db metering in touchosc

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  • how to create db metering in touchosc

    hey folks,

    is it possible to display a db metering in a touchOSC layout & osculator (& ableton live). i've got faders to control the channel volumes but i'd like to see in my layout when i got signal in that particular channel.

    which elements to use in the layout editor and how should i route this in osculator?

    thanks a lot in advance for your answers i'm almost going nuts with this issue

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    I'm not exactly sure if that will do the trick for you but here's a recipe I found that was working:

    In Live, on the desired audio track, add an "External Intrument" plugin. In the plugin parameters, choose MIDI To: "OSCulator In (8000)". Start the sequencer or a clip of that track.

    In OSCulator, a message with pitch velocity and trigger information will appear. This is actually a message representing the MIDI notes sent to OSCulator. On the velocity parameter, for the Event Type column, choose OSC Routing, and select "New ...". You will be brought to the OSC parameters window.

    With the newly created routing selected, in the OSC Editor floating window change the rewrite address, and enter the OSC address of a fader in your layout. For example, I've tried with the Beatmachine layout, and the fader named /1/fader1.**

    Doing this will convert the velocity of the MIDI notes sent to OSCulator as OSC messages, therefore controlling the level of this fader.



    ** If you don't want to type the address of your fader: instead of creating a new routing, in the Parameters window, you can simply click on the gear icon and choose "Import, and select your TouchOSC file. This will import all the addresses of the controls stored in your layout, which you can then use as OSC routings for this purpose.


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      How do you insert a MIDI INSTRUMENT over an audio track in Live???

      I can only seem to insert Audio Effects???

      All help gladly appreciated



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        Well obviously you can't. It is not possible in any daw you can think of. The solution camille is offering would only work with midi notes, but that would not be the output audio level for that track.

        The thing is that osculator can't handle audio signals afaik. You'd need some plugin to convert audio levels into some sort of midi data like a continous controller message (CC).


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          Uh, my bad, I'm sorry Phil. That's true the External Instrument plugin works only on MIDI tracks. Actually I have been fooled because the clips I've dropped on the audio track have transparently transformed it into a MIDI tracks. I just tried on a pure audio track, and indeed Live would not accept the External Instrument on an audio track.

          So, Pier is correct, the solution would be to have a plugin that transforms the intensity of the sound into MIDI signals, and I thought this was what was happening in my previous experiment.

          After a quick search on google, I have not found such plugin …