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  • TouchOSC Color Changes

    Hei Camille....

    i have a problem on how to change color and visibility on TouchOSC controls with OSCulator!
    I know that you can change a color of a control sending an OSC message like this "/1/fader1/color green".

    I have added a MIDI Out in Traktor called Hotcue State and i have seen that MIDI CC Values changes at the various cue types.

    Simple Cue value is 0.17
    No cue is 0
    Loop is 0.5


    Now i can't manage how to tell OSCulator to send back "/color gray" when midi cc value is 0 or 0.17 or 0.5...
    Have you got an idea?


    oh sorry for my bad english... i'm italian )))
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    Hi Ciur,

    You have a MIDI CC that has only 3 values, so you want to be able to access those values independently.

    Select the MIDI CC message and choose Edit > Demux, then send the MIDI CC again.

    The message will be redisplayed with 3 new rows that correspond to the values received.

    (I have noticed that the numbers could be formatted in the wrong way, and I will fix that in a future release, but don't worry the solution will work anyway).

    Now that you have extracted the 3 values from the MIDI CC, you want to be able to send an OSC message for each of those states in order to change the color of the fader. To do that, you have to create three different OSC Routings:
    1. In the Parameters Window, navigate to the OSC tab.
    2. Click the + sign at the bottom of the window, this will add a new routing.
    3. Bring the OSC Editor to the front if it is not displayed already, by clicking on the pen icon.
    4. In the OSC Editor, type in the Rewrite address field "/1/fader1/color", this is the address to which the OSC message will be sent.
    5. In the arguments field, remove the predefined <all args> token, and type 'green' (without the quotes), then press the Space bar. This will create a new token "green".
    6. Back to the Parameters window, you can optionally change the Memo for this routing to "Change Fader 1 to green" to make things easier to remember.
    7. Repeat the steps from 4 to 6 for the two other colors you need.
    8. Click the close button.
    9. In the main window, assign to the three sub-rows of you MIDI CC, events of type "OSC Routing", and choose for each of them the three routings you just created

    The result is that when you send the Hotcue State MIDI CC, this will trigger the corresponding OSC messages.


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      Thank You Cam!

      You offer a very professional service with your software and your support.

      My gigs and djsets are better thanks to you

      One more thing...

      What's the argument and the command to change the visibility of a control?

      (If no cue, no Button displayed)



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        I didn't know as well, but after some searching I found the solution was to add /visible at the end of the address.

        So, to change the visibility of the fader /1/fader1 you simply send 0 or 1 to /1/fader1/visible.

        You don't need to change the rewrite arguments if you know that you are already sending 0 and 1, just leave the <all args> token, and all should be fine.




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          Thanks again for the support!!!


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            Thanks for this reply...... as ever , very detailled ! !

            Could you point me in the direction of where you found the TOUCHOSC arguments list available. (such as COLOR / VISIBLE etc etc)

            It would be great to be able to know what other parameters can be changed in real time\

            I have tried to browse for manuals with HEXLER but am failing - (oops!)

            All help gladly appreciated



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              I've seen those arguments once pop up in a software update message.
              As I remembered this, I tried various addresses (/1/fader1/enable, /1/fader1/show, etc.) until I find the right one.

              From the iTune App store:
              - Color can be set remotely with OSC, example: "/1/fader1/color red"
              - Visibility can be set remotely with OSC, example: "/1/fader1/visible 0"


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                Thanks again Camille

                Thanks for this Camille,

                Looks like its just content, colour and visibility that can be changed - (which is enough i guess!)

                Was looking at being able to set X,Y,W,H as well as background colours etc

                Maybe i'm being too greedy !

                Thanks again though -

                PS - Hope the NRPN functionality is looking like a reality > *Hint Hint !


                Originally posted by camille View Post
                I've seen those arguments once pop up in a software update message.
                As I remembered this, I tried various addresses (/1/fader1/enable, /1/fader1/show, etc.) until I find the right one.

                From the iTune App store: