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X-Y to send also on-off message

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  • X-Y to send also on-off message

    I use TouchOSC 1.6.1 and Osculator 2.10.2 with iPad, MBP and Ableton Live.

    I want to send from TouchOSC X-Y Pad on-off message with normal X-Y cc messages. So that the effect goes on when pressed and when moving fingers it sends the cc's, when i lift the finger it will put the effect of.

    Everything else i know how to do, but not how to send two different messages at one time.

    Someone said something about "Z"messages but i didn't understand.

    Also is it possible to reset the message from TouchOSC faders when finger is lifted? So i can create as sweep up and just lift my finger and it would reset the fader back to zero.

    Thank you very much.


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    Hey Freeks,

    First thing you need to know is that a XY pad behaves differently than other controls in that it sends two values for only one press. If you add the Z (press state) message, it will make 3 events at once. That means that if you assign MIDI CC events to those messages, you will need to "solo" each of them, every time you want to make a mapping. To solo a message, select it, and choose Routing > Solo (or Command-R). If you don't solo a message, Live will receive many MIDI messages together, and will only pick the last one it received for a particular mapping.

    (Note: I will use /1/fader1 as the address of your fader, replace it by the actual address you need).

    About the Z message:

    TouchOSC by default only sends the value of the faders, xy pads, etc. If you also need to be able to detect the touch, go to the TouchOSC settings page. In this page you will find a toggle button to activate the Z message.

    When the Z message is activated, each control that support this feature will also send a "/z" message. For example, a fader will send /1/fader1 and /1/fader1/z as well, /1/fader1/z being a message that represents the state of the touch.

    When the finger is pressed, /1/fader1/z sends the value 1.0, and when the finger is lifted it sends the value 0.0.

    From this, you can map any event you would like to that new message. For example, a useful thing to do is to assign a MIDI CC, and map it to the "bypass" control of an effect, thus enabling or disabling the effect based on the touch of the control.

    Finally, if you want to reset the position of the fader to 0 when you lift the finger, you need to do a little setup.

    • Select the /1/fader1/z message. (If it is already configured to send a MIDI message, duplicate it so that we use the second copy instead to reset the fader position.)
    • (On the second copy of that message,) Assign a OSC Routing event, and choose "New …".
    • The Parameters Window will pop-up, bring the OSC Editor to the front by clicking the pen.
    • In the OSC Editor, change the rewrite address to /1/fader1 (this is the address that changes the value of your fader).
    • In the arguments field, remove the pre-defined <all args> token, and type 0, then press the Space bar. This will create a token with a value of 0. This is what you need to set the position of the fader to 0.
    • At the bottom of the window, change the "Route when:" pop-up menu to "The value goes from positive to 0". This will give effect to this routing only when the value goes to 0, which is what happens when you lift the finger.
    • Close the Parameters Window.

    Now, when the finger is lifted, the message /1/fader1 with the value 0 is sent.




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      Thank you!

      Now i understand the Z messages.

      Thank you very much. Great support for great program!