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iPhone, TouchOSC, OSCulator & Traktor 3.3 = How to get it all talking??

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  • iPhone, TouchOSC, OSCulator & Traktor 3.3 = How to get it all talking??

    Is there a hand-holding simple tutorial for dummies(me!) that will enable me to get the set up working? I've spent three long and stressful days reading several articles, manuals etc. but I'm no closer to getting things working??

    I guess this has been asked a 1001 times but I've had my macbook for a day and coming from a vinyl DJ background I'm lost beyond belief with setting this up!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey bexley,

    Making working Traktor is basically the same making Live work, you have to activate the virtual MIDI interface of OSCulator in the software you are using.


    Traktor 3.3 has a bug which makes it 'forget' the last selected virtual MIDI interface. This problem applies to any software like OSCulator that exposes virtual interfaces.

    Traktor 3.4 has a fix, so you may want to update your software, and this should work like a charm.

    If you can't make the update, then instead of MIDI message I will invite you to use Keycodes and Key Combos instead, which work rather well with Traktor.




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      Hi Cam, Many thanks for the prompt response.

      I ventured over to the NI forum and got a few pointers there too! I've managed to get 99% of the way, maybe what you say about the bug in 3.3 is what's causing the missing 1% ??!!

      Once again, thanks for your help.

      Kind regards, Bex


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        hey bex,

        could you give us a small description of what is causing the 1% that doesn't work yet?

        maybe we could help us.




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          Hi all,

          I am having the same issue with the Traktor bug. The problem for me is that I still use my Stanton FS records and interface to control Traktor, and versions newer than something like 3.2.085 don't read the Stanton timecode (due to some falling out between Stanton and NI), thus an upgrade would have to include not just SW but HW as well. I'm wondering if there's a way to send MIDI from OSCulator to, say, my ScratchAmp 2 (hardware), and then send the through from that to Traktor 3. Thanks.




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            Hey Ian,

            Yes you can use OSCulator to send MIDI events to a physical interface. I recommend using the application MIDIPipe to route events from OSCulator virtual MIDI port to the physical MIDI output. The trick would be to connect a MIDI cable from the output to the input, and make sure the input is not "pass-thru" in order to avoid feedback loops.

            There is another solution, maybe a bit simpler, which is to use the Keycode event, to send keyboard events to Traktor. I've hear of users using that solution to workaround the Traktor bug.


            UPDATE: Latest version of Traktor 2 (wonder why they have changed they version numbering system !), works well out of the box, it doesn't have the limitations and bug of the previous versions.
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