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defined multi channel triggering for multiple interfaces in logic

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  • defined multi channel triggering for multiple interfaces in logic

    Hi there,

    I am hoping to run two iPhones into logic via touchOSC and Osculator.

    Both iPhones assigned to different Channels in logic, triggering different MIDI instruments.

    I am struggling to get osculator to define a channel other than the one that is currently selected.

    Can I achieve this defined multi channel triggering?





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    Hi Ben,

    The rationale behind using many devices is that you should use one OSC server per device. If the two device are sending the same message, (say /1/fader1) to the same port, then there is no way to make the difference between who is sending the /1/fader1 message,.

    In OSCulator, one document manages only one OSC server, therefore you could make a copy of your first document, give it another name, and change the input OSC port (e.g., set it to 8001 for other document) so both documents can run at the same time. Don't forget to change the MIDI channels as well.

    Tip: If you go in the Preferences, you can set an option to tell OSCulator to "open document which were previously opened". Handy when you need to open several documents. Then, use Command-H to hide the application and let it run in the background.




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      Thanks Camille, that all makes sense, and I have already run more than one device into logic, through different OSCulator documents.

      but I cannot get OSCulator to tell logic which channels to trigger.

      Even if I define a different channel in the channel column in OSCulator, the only instrument that is triggered in logic is the one assigned to the channel selected in Logic.

      Is this correct? Am I missing something?

      Any further help much appreciated.




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        I think you might to look into that direction:

        I would also add to that tutorial that it is a good idea to add every instrument tracks to the same group that has the "recording" setting enabled. With this, when you record arm a track every tracks in the group will get the recording status enabled.

        Let me know if that works for you.