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Velocity Sensability con Drum pad

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  • Velocity Sensability con Drum pad

    Hello ya all,

    I'm new here, and I got a question for you experts out there:

    is there any way to have a control of the velocity or better is there a sensabilaty control?(Osctouch and Osculator)

    it would be cool to get a more human feeling on the drums while playing!!!!


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    Hello Steve,

    All of this depends on how you want to control velocity.

    If you can use a message in the application to control the notes velocity, then you can use the event MIDI Note / Channel Velocity.

    Channel Velocity will set the velocity on the next notes played on a specific channel. Theerefore if you control that event with a fader (or accelerometer) for example, you will be able to modulate the velocity of the notes you play on the drums.




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      Hi Cam,

      Thanks for the solution it's good.

      What I was thinking about is on how hard you hit the pad, or how long or hitting the pad in diffrent areas to obtain diffrent velocity.




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        Now I'm a bit confused, were you talking about TouchOSC or the Wiimote's drums?

        If you are using the Wiimote's drum pads, then there is already a velocity assigned in the sample document.

        So you know …


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          Sorry about that, I'm talking about Touchosc.

          Example: On a pad I programmed a snare roll, so I mapped the pad with midi note D1#,

          I hit the pad and there goes the snare at a certain Velocity, now I hit it again there goes the snare with a random Velocity (high or lower volume). Is this controlled or is it random?

          it is how hard or how long I hit the pad?

          This could seem a dumb question but music wise it would be pretty cool to have this type of Velocity or Intensity control.

          I hope this time it clear LOL



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            Yes, you could try some experiments with the accelerometer (check TouchOSC's Settings).

            As far as I know MSA Remote does allow to modulate the Key notes with how hard you hit the phone by using the accelerometers.

            Maybe you could suggest that to Rob, the author of TouchOSC.