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reset centered touchosc rotary value to 0

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  • reset centered touchosc rotary value to 0

    loving this program so far but have a question.

    im trying to reset a centered touchosc rotary knob back to center with a value of 0 after releasing the rotary. using z messages i've had no problem getting the display of the rotary to reset to center/0 (used instructions from this thread to get it working: [/url] i had to use .5 as the argument and "value goes from positive to 0" in the route editor to make it work with the centered rotary.

    the problem is, when looking at the quick look view to see the value of the rotary being affected, the value flatlines at the last position reached and never resets to 0. is there something im missing? ive tried more or less the same thing with just a fader and both the display and value reset to 0 with no problem.

    thanks for any help

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    Hi ovation,

    It's really cool to see that you managed to find a part of the answer by reading ts forum.

    If I understand your problem, you would like to reset your rotary to 0 but also trigger the event associated with it (I guess it is a MIDI Control Change).

    To do this, all you need to do is instead of sending the "zero" message back to TouchOSC like in the previous method, you should send it to the OSCulator document instead, then duplicate that message, and route the first duplicate to your rotary, and assign a MIDI CC to the second duplicate.

    To send a message to the OSCulator document, you must go in the Parameters Window, OSC tab. In the table at the top, choose an empty line (usually slot #2) click on the gear icon and choose the preset setting that says "this document". Then create a new routing with the rewrite address you'd like (for example /rotary_reset).




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      Here is an example of how to do this.
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        Ahh, that makes sense. Thank you for the quick and detailed replies. I just needed to wrap my head around which programs need to carry the different signal changes and which programs were actually responsible for the actions. Again, much appreciated


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          Champion effort Camille. You solved this one for me so thank you. Much appreciated!


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            Thank you!