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TouchOSC - Live problems

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  • TouchOSC - Live problems

    Im completely new to this, but since I saw the app and has the interest I thought I might look into it..
    Problem is, when I fiddle with anything in the iPhone app, I get a green light in OSCulator, and a yellow light next to "D" in Ableton Live, but nothing happens..
    I set a feature manually by clicking MIDI and entering volume and then manage volume in the app, so that feature now works. What happens when I alter the volume via the app, is a yellow light appears between "KEY" and "MIDI", and it works!
    How do I set it up right for all the keys?


    AKA OSCulator seems to be getting the signals and passing them on, but Live don't know what to do with them!
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    Hi Mefi,

    The general idea is that you assign MIDI CC (control changes) events to messages received by OSCulator, then map those events in Live. To map an event, you go in learn mode (in Live, click the MIDI button, or press Command-M), then click on a control you want to map, and then send the message from TouchOSC to activate the mapping.

    There is a quick tutorial that will show you the basics here:

    Here is also a set of video tutorials you might find helpful:

    Bet Regards,


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      I thought that the auto-config would assign commands into Live as well? But that assumption might've been wrong than?
      The thing is, I'm completely new to DJ software or mixing audio at all, so I don't really know what to assign to what
      Could you recommend any newbie-guide? Provided the links you refered do not include one? I'm gonna check right now.

      Thanks in advance!

      Ive now seen the 2nd video of Dubspot guide, and it seems that command-configs are saved within live-packs? So if I download a Live-pack I should get it working?
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