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  • Traktor Fx out.

    I'm looking to send the midi info out of traktor to osculator to route into a custom touchosc template that would display the named effect selected.

    so far i have everything mapped: traktor midi out to osculator in, rerouting the midi to osc to my ipad and making it change a determined label(which displays the numeric value of the effect in the order). Now my question is how to i change this numeric value to a string to display on the ipad. i know what effects are in what location and would like to display the entire effect name. I've tried entering this into the arguments section and get only partial display of words and maybe one or two to work...

    (DelayT3,DigitalLoFi,Filter92,Filter92LFO,Filter92 Pulse,FilterLFO,FilterPulse,BeatMash2,BeatSlicer,G ater,Reverb,Delay,MulhollandDrive,PhaserFlux,Phase rPulse,ReverseGrain,TransposeStretch,TurntableFX,F ormantFilter,PeakFilter)

    any help would be appreciated!

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    anyone? need to rephrase my question?


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      Sorry Chase for the late answer.

      It would be useful to know exactly what MIDI CC values are sent from Traktor to OSCulator when you change the preset. If this is a simple numeric value going from 0 to 127, then what you did looks right.

      It looks like the MIDI CC values you receive is not distributed evenly between 0 and 127 for each preset, which make the selection from the list incorrect.

      Thus, if the values received are actually numbers going from 0 to the count of presets, then you will need to normalize the input range by setting input max of the received MIDI CC to 20.

      Let me know if that works!