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Disable output while input in use

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  • Disable output while input in use

    O.k. I have set up a few controls with TouchOSC. The controls are sending midi messages to Traktor which in turn moves the sliders and knobs but I have also configured this in reverse so that when a slider is moved in Traktor by my mouse, it will move on my iPod.

    My issue is when I drag a slider on my iPod, the slider jumps around due to the network lag between Traktor receiving the message and moving the slider and Traktor seeing that the slider has changed and telling it to move on my iPod. Is there any way to make the command that tells the slider to move on my iPod from Traktor to temporarily disable while I am using the command that is telling Traktor that I am changing the slider on my iPod?

    Sorry if this is a bit confusing and if you need me to go into further detail just say

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    I see what you mean, but I find it a bit weird that Traktor sends back an update when it receives a value. It should send a MIDI message back to OSCulator only when it is controlled with the mouse or keyboard. I am no expert in Traktor, but I would guess that there is an option to change that behavior.
    Can someone shed a light on this?