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is banking volume faders possible?

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  • is banking volume faders possible?

    I just got touchOSC and osculator. I'm trying to make a control surface for reaper (a digital audio workstation).

    I am doing a layout like so:
    volume1 volume2 volume3 volume4

    I want to hit a "next" button to change the cc value so they control other channels like so:
    volume5 volume6 volume7 volume8

    if need be I'll just stop at 10 banks instead of needing a infinite banking ability. 80 tracks is more that I may ever use.

    is this possible? where do I start?

    thanks in advance!
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    no one has some thoughts?


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      You could use the PRESETS in Osculator and set a NEXT button from your main TouchOSC page to take the Preset Increase by one but also have a PREVIOUS button that would take the Preset to decrease by one.

      Linked to the preset pages, you could send updated text strings to TouchOSC layout to the boxes under each fader so that you know what faders are being adjusted.

      Then just map each preset page accordingly to the faders within Reaper

      Hope this helps



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        Drop me a copy of the Osculator and TouchOSC files you currently have and I can have a look for you!

        (oh, will also need CC mapping for the faders in Reaper)



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          Phil is right, this is the way to go.
          Sorry I missed your post two days ago …