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Is this possible? (TouchOSC & Logic)

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  • Is this possible? (TouchOSC & Logic)

    Here is a scenario. I'm mixing a 16 track song and would like to use my ipod as a poor mans console. Obviously the ipod's screen is small and cannot fit 16 faders on a single page. This is fine, as I dont need to automate all 16 faders at once, only 2-4. However, I would like to see on a list all available tracks (by name) and select specific tracks that would then show up as my faders.

    For example, say I wanted to adjust the levels between my Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass and Drum bus, with my Vocal on track 1, Guitar Bus on track 4, Bass on Track 8, and my Drum bus track being on Track 16 in Logic. Would it be possible to somehow select these 4 tracks quickly and have them each show up as the 4 volume faders on my ipod?

    Is this possible?

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    Hey dude,

    There is no control in TouchOSC to select an item from a list, but here's a recipe you could try:
    • add to the layout some toggle buttons for every track you want to select
    • add to the layout some faders
    • register every controls in OSCulator (touch them one by one)
    • duplicate each fader (Command-D) and assign a MIDI Note event type, and a Pitch Wheel event, and select for each duplicate a different channel. This will control the volume faders using the Logic Control protocol. Therefore, moving one fader will move every track at once, but in the next step you will assign the toggle buttons events to enable/disable the proper duplicate to send only the right message for the selected track.
    • Now, for each toggle button, duplicate them as well, but this time assign a Enable message, and select the corresponding duplicated fader. This way, when you click on a toggle button this will let only the right MIDI Pitch Wheel message go through.

    Hint: The Enable event just reverses the enable state of a message, thus, if you want to activate it instead of disabling it when you click on a toggle button, just click on the enable button to change its initial state.

    Let me know if you need more details.