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TouchOSC problem or Osculator problem?

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  • TouchOSC problem or Osculator problem?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a question and I don't know if it's Osculator related,
    but I will state my question anyway.

    My setup:
    - Propellerheads Reason 5
    - Behringer BCF2000
    - Osculator
    - TouchOSC (on iPad)

    I've created a virtual mixer on TouchOSC and linked it to
    Osculator so it 'speaks' midi. Then I went in Reason and
    locked some of the mixer controls to a midi channel that
    is defined in Osculator. I've got my BCF2000 locked on the
    Reason Mixer as well. That all works.

    When I move a fader on the TouchOSC, the software mixer in
    Reason and the BCF2000 (with motorized faders) moves as well.

    But only when I move my faders IN Reason (click on them and
    move them) the BCF2000 moves with it, but the virtual mixer
    in TouchOSC (through Osculator) doesnt move with it.

    Also when I load up a different song in Reason, the BCF2000
    changes al it's faders...but the TouchOSC faders remain the

    Now, I'm kind of a n00b with midi, so now I don't really know
    if it's another midi command I need to issue in Osculator
    (stuff like Z-index and so on...I don't have a clue what that
    is lol) or do you think it's an TouchOSC related issue?

    So to sum up my problem. The configuration works 'one way'.
    From iPad to Reason works perfectly, but the 'other way', from
    Reason to iPad.

    Could someone give me some advice?

    Thanks a lot!


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    Hi Chris,

    I think your problem is really specific to Reason.
    Actually OSCulator should take care of setting up the bi-directional communication automatically.
    Since you are able to control Reason, I understand that this setup is ok.

    Could you please check that OSCulator has /midi messages registered in the list and that those messages are set up to send OSC messages to TouchOSC?
    If yes, that means that it is receiving MIDI, but for some reason TouchOSC is not receiving it.
    If no, that means that you need to configure Reason so that it will report back the changes to the user interface in terms of MIDI. That already works for your BFC2000, so it must be possible with OSCulator.

    I'm sorry I don't know Reason enough to give you more details.


    PS: In TouchOSC, Z messages are messages that are sent when a finger has pressed or released a control.
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      Hi Cam,

      Thank you for your reply.
      I think I set up Osculator the right way.
      When I add my BCF2000 to Reason, I
      have to select a MIDI IN and MIDI OUT
      port. But when I want to add a generic
      control surface, I only get to choose for
      a MIDI IN.

      I will post my question on the Reason
      forum, maybe they can help me.




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        Ahh, so that would explain why bi-directional communications are not working.
        If you get an answer from the propellerheads forum, please let us know!


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          I will, thx!