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  • TouchOSC with Final Cut Pro


    I'm looking to set up touchOSC with OSCulator to work as a control surface for Final Cut Pro to control audio channels as well as serve as launch controls, however I've already run into some problems.

    Firstly, I have everything set up hardware wise correctly, TouchOSC recognises that OSCulator is running on my Mac Pro, and I can see that when I move a fader OSCulator responds correctly.

    Within FCP the control surface is set to Mackie Control Surface. My current progress is being able to receive from FCP fader settings and display them on a fader within TouchOSC using OSC Routing on the fader controller (/midi/wheel/1, /midi/wheel/2 etc..) set to the fader in TouchOSC (/1/fader1, /1/fader2 etc..), example:

    However, I cannot for the life of me make it so that I can control FCP from within TouchOSC, it just does not want to receive settings at all.

    It's really doing my head in as after half a day of piddling about I'm no further than pretty much when I started.

    Has any one had any luck with getting this combination to work? How did you manage it? I'm sure once I understand the principle it'll be smooth sailing as I've managed to get this far, however it just seems like I've hit a dead end and no matter what I try to do I cannot get it to work!



    PS: Sorry if the terminology I'm using is wrong, its very difficult to explain what I mean without knowing all the jargon that goes along with setting up midi software... Please bear with me.
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    Dear Calomile,

    The mackie control message for controlling a track is MIDI Pitch Wheel.
    You can find the corresponding event in OSCulator, in the MIDI Note event type, with the value Pitch Wheel.
    Use the channel number to select what track you want to control.
    IIRC, the protocol lets you control only the first 8 tracks in the automation group.

    I would suggest that once you get this running, you delete the messages starting with /midi/wheel, so that OSCulator can re-create them properly.
    For example, I have noticed that from two different FCP tracks you were controlling the position of the same fader in TouchOSC, unless that is intended.

    Please let me know if that helps, I am not totally sure to have fully answered your question.



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      Hi Camille,

      Finally managed to control the track levels thanks to your advice! However, now I've run into a few other little problems, which I'd like to run by you to see if you have any advice?

      Firstly, I'm having to control the track by using a fader with the same name (/midi/note/1), how do I make a normal fader (/1/fader1, for example) take control of /midi/note/1 - pitch?

      Second, is there any way to have a fader take control of /midi/note/1 - pitch AND set its own channel automatically? For example, if I move a 2nd fader, it change /midi/note/1 - pitch to channel 2 and carry on from there.

      Third, it isn't doing bi-direction, but I think this might be related to my 1st question - should I use /midi/wheel/1 as my "input" fader, have that possess the note instance, and then it should work?

      Fourth, the fader isn't going all the way up to 12, only 10. I have set the correct output (I think) of 16383, and it doesn't matter how much higher I set it, it just makes the travel smaller then.

      Here's a pic of what I'm thinking...

      Again, thanks so much for the progress you've helped me make, this really is a great utility and once I have it all set up I know it'll work like a charm!

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        Okay, somewhat disregard that last post, as I've figured out most of it.

        As you can see from this image, I have managed to figure out how to route the settings so that a fader can control midi note 1, and the wheels feed back the correct information so that it functions bi-directionally.

        However, my problem still stands as to how to make it so that each fader can control the correct channel by manipulating /midi/wheel/1's pitch channel. I'm at a point where I definitely don't know how to do this as I think it might require scripting or some complex variable - a bit out of my reach at the moment.

        As always any help GREATLY appreciated!


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          Aaand after a quick break and looking at it with fresh eyes, I've figured it out.

          Glad I finally managed to get my head around that logic. Now to work out how to get transport controls working and I'll be a happy kid!


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            So yeah, the only problem I have now is getting the faders to their maximum throw (12) instead of 10... But I rarely max things out so for the most part all the hard work has paid off!


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              Thanks Calomile for the screenshots, I'm sure it will be helpful to other members.


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                Hopefully yeah, I like to think I'm saving a few people many hours of headaches. Again, cheers for all your support, amazing I can get all the functionality of £800ish equipment out of a £3 app and a small program. Definitely worth the donation!


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                  Could you share your template with us. I would really that. I'm trying to emulate a jog wheel for fcp with the new encoder feature from touchosc.