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TouchOSC connection issues: Please read this!!!

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  • TouchOSC connection issues: Please read this!!!

    Hi all,

    There has been lately a lot questions about issues with setting up the connection between TouchOSC and OSCulator, and syncing a layout using the TouchOSC Editor.

    I am happy to give help and solve connection issues, but I don't want to repeat myself a thousand times.

    I understand that configuration is a complex problem for many users, so this has to be reported to the rightful person. Therefore, if you can't manage to connect or sync TouchOSC on your iPad or iPhone, please report to Rob, the author of TouchOSC on his twitter, facebook page and send him an email as well visit and post on the forum at

    I am not in direct contact with Rob, nor I work with him. The more user will drop him a word or ask him questions about how to connect TouchOSC, the higher chances he will enhance the connection process.

    In the meantime, here is a quick list of troubleshooters that have proven useful:
    • Your iPad and computer must be on the same Wi-Fi network, wether it be a network from a wireless router or a ad-hoc (computer to computer) network.
    • Check that your computer's firewall is disabled (System Preferences / Security)
    • Follow the instructions and tips given in the following documents:
    • If you can't sync with the TouchOSC Editor, reboot both you computer and iPad.
    Finally, if you can't find a solution anywhere, you can of course try a post on this forum. I will gladly try to help if I see that the question has not been covered yet. If you post on the forum, please make sure you included all information I will need to understand the problem. This includes computer/devices models, version numbers of all applications, system, etc., and most important, the steps you performed so far and the results you got.

    Best Regards,
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