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TouchOSC + Osculator + to make a LED work?

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  • TouchOSC + Osculator + to make a LED work?

    Hello guys, i will explain the example i wanna get...
    I use traktor scratch pro with my own mapping of touchosc / osculator.
    I have for example the LOOP SET parameter in traktor, only works fine with a PUSH button from touchOSC, when i click on the parameter LOOP gets activated in traktor, but i cant see any led or something that advise me that the LOOP IS ON. Just wanna get this working, i mean, click on the loop button, the loop begins, the led turns on, i click again on the loop button, the loop ends, the led turns off.
    I know it has to be a message back from Traktor maybe? by creating a /midi/cc.... but how to setup the led to response with the push button?
    Many thanks!

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    I made the led work by assignating a chanel to it and creating a manual message on Osculator with the "/midi/cc...." the problem is that the LED is not staying HOLD. i press the LOOP button and the led illuminates for less than a second, how to make the led stay on during the loop is on?? thanks


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      You might want to check what is the value of the MIDI message you receive by opening a Quick Look window (press space bar on the /midi/cc message you want to monitor). If it is not steadily running at max value (or 127) when the loop is playing this might explain why it only stays on for a short moment. There is a similar "issue" with Live.
      To solve the problem you can change the scaling on the MIDI message by showing the scalings page (Command-F).
      Besides, I think I've I've seen that TouchOSC now lights on a LED for every value greater than 0, this is with the latest version.


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        basically, you just have to create a routing "out" of traktor... that will be routed by touchOSC back into the ipad. Route this to the LED or, better, route it back to your LOOP button. It doesn't matter if it's a push or a toggle button, it'll be "on" as long as your loop is active.

        Hope this helps.


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          hey there.

          i have a problem with traktor sending a led output to osculator, too.

          i basically copied the midifighter layout from djtechtools to a page of touchosc and it works like a charme, except the led feedback.

          for example. i have one button (push16, midi note D#2) which play/pauses a track in traktor.
          in the traktor mapping there's a out for play/pause but the button in touchosc doent light up constantly. (in traktor the mapping is actually D#3 for in and out)
          when i press it, it lights, when i remove my finger it switches back to unlit.
          i messed around with the settings with no luck..

          btw i got a normal led to light up (beat phase monitor), so touchosc receives data..

          thanks fpr helping


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            well, i got this far:

            by implementing a /1/push on an osc routing on trigger, i got the play button to light up, but only when i press play in the software. if i press play in touchosc it blinks as long as i have my finger on it.. what to do?

            besides that problem, it seems that i only can get one led per midi channel. if i map a led in osculator a new entry comes up: /midi/note3 (for channel 3) but every other output note on that channel triggers the same entry.. i'm confused..
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              I think it has to do with the MIDI values send by Traktor which are not sustained through all the playing. Ableton Live has a similar behavior (which is discussed here).

              Basically, you would need to the change the scaling of the /midi/ccX/Y message so that it will send a positive value at all times.

              You might also want to try this other solution: change your OSC Routing in the OSC Routing Editor and set "Route when:" to "The value crosses 0.5 in any direction" (cf screenshot). I think that would prevent the routing from being triggered with a value that would not light the led.

              Because Traktor and Live are not the same, I can't telle exactly how the previous suggestions need to be tweaked in order to make it work. Use the Quick Look windows to see what is sent from Traktor, and modify your settings accordingly.

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                thanks for the reply.. ill try that..

                do you have an answer to this?

                "besides that problem, it seems that i only can get one led per midi channel. if i map a led in osculator a new entry comes up: /midi/note3 (for channel 3) but every other output note on that channel triggers the same entry.. i'm confused.. "
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                  changing to ""The value crosses 0.5 in any direction" didnt help

                  just to clear up:

                  it is right to just map the "velocity" value to a oscrouting or do i have to map trigger or the whole midi/note/x ?
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                    Sorry, I missed that point.
                    As you found out the /midi/note message contains information for every channel.
                    You need to extract the information from that message in order to separate the different channels.
                    To do that, select the "channel" argument of the note message, and do Edit->Demux. Then send notes again (by activating the command in Traktor that send the notes I guess). This will reveal the sub messages that are specific to each channel.

                    Let me know if that answered your question.


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                      thanks. the demuxing works, but the leds still work sometimes on the spot, then like 5 times not. then again work a few times.. really unreliable.


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                        How do you connect your iPhone / iPad?
                        Are you using a router in between your computer and your device?


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                          for setting it up, i use a router. in the club i wanted to use a a connection directly to my iphone.. if it's only this, which makes it not work, i'll scream

                          /edit: i just tried settint up a network on the mac. iphone connects, and button and fader work, but no led. i got red boxes for the beat phase monitor (/1/led1 and /1/led4) ..
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                            If the activity monitors blink red, it means that OSCulator is not able to find the destination. I'd suggest you restart your iPhone, because most of the time this solves the problem.

                            It could also be a configuration issue, but since you told me it worked once, I guess the OSC Routing is properly configured.

                            It should be noted that it is best to use the same connection when you set up your layout and go on stage. It is surely of a convenience to use the router, but only if you are 100% certain that it will not cause any trouble. For example, the Airport Extreme and Time Capsule routers have good WiFi signals if you area is not too crowded. On the contrary DSL vendors routers are usually ranging from bad to very bad.

                            If you want no latency, and no message dropped (thanks to the OSC protocol [sic]), use a ad-hoc network (network created on the computer).


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                              i will test the setup in adhoc mode before going live, but it's more comfortable to have an inet connection, especially when running into problems

                              i restarted the phone. still the unreliability. only the beat phase led (which blinks with the beat) works. (these are normal leds, not buttons)

                              do i have to map both trigger and velocity or just one?