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Forwarding dynamic labels during pre set changes

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  • Forwarding dynamic labels during pre set changes


    I have a couple of buttons which changes my faders In the MIO console form Main faders to Aux faders.
    I have also set a couple of presets for faders 1-4 and faders 5-8. I am on an iphone this also works great I use the send values when preset is restored.

    But when I hit the aux or main button I also send a message via osc routing to a label which either says Main or Aux. Again this works fine as long as I don't change presets. When I change presets it changes the label to "main". The main button happens to be lower down the osculator document. I have been trying to use variables to set a label value but I don't think I have understood variables

    Please advise
    Thanks Russell

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    Hello Russell,

    The variables are simply "holders" for values. they are useful when you want to compose a OSC message from heterogeneous values (coming from different messages).

    I have tried a solution that works, albeit being a bit weird.
    1. In the Parameters Window, create two OSC routings, using the rewrite address of your label, and as argument, use "Main" for the first, and "Aux" for the second.
    2. In the Presets Menu, check "Send preset name when a preset is restored" and change of preset to register the new message (/osculator/preset) in the list.
    3. On that message ignore arguments 0 and 1, but assign an event on the base message like this: routing on preset change.png
    4. Assign the OSC Routing event for each preset.

    That should let you choose the Main or Aux string a bit more 'deterministically'.



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      Really appreciate the help.
      Whats the best way I can share my results with the community.
      I think some of the templates I have would be useful as they are as well as learning models.

      Its by no means a finished project.

      Best Russell


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        Don't hesitate your template in this forum.
        Thanks for sharing!


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          I don't think I explained myself quite enough.

          I already have 2 presets called "Faders 1-4" and "Faders 5-8".
          When I switch presets this id show in a label.
          In each preset I have 2 buttons either choosing "Aux" or "Main" faders. And this shows in the appropriate label box

          SO when I change presets I would like to foreward either "Aux" or "Main" depending on what has been chosen.

          The way I have understood you solution preset would always send a given text for the label which would not be dynamically changed?

          Have I understood correctly?

          Thanks Ruissell


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            Well, yes, and there's an even more simple solution that what I have given.

            Simply rename your preset to Main and Aux.
            On the /osculator/preset message, there is a 'name' argument. Assign a OSC Routing to this that will rewrite the address to "/1/label1" (or whatever address your label has), and it will send the preset name to this label.

            The solution I was suggesting was to use a fixed string ("Main" or "Aux") as argument instead of using the preset name, but since you only have two presets, then it makes more sense I think to simply give them the right name.

            The attached file will show you how I would do it.
            Attached Files


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              Emm I have made it worse.

              The Aux & Main labels are independent of the presets. Maybe I need another approach where indeed the Aux main labels are fixed to a preset.

              Any ways I enclose some files if you wish and have time to have a look.

              Yes indeed I will post my templates in the forum. Thought I would tidy up a little first.
              Thanks Russell


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                Ahh sorry, now I get it.
                So you have two dimensions, the Faders range (1-4, 5-8), and the destination.

                It seems that switching between the two modes is only a matter of sending a MIDI note.
                A simple solution would be to create two pages, one for the Mains and one for the Auxes, then send the MIDI note when the page is recalled. When TouchOSC changes of page, you will receive a /1 or /2 message. Simply assign the MIDI note E1 to the /1 message (in both presets) and MIDI note F1 to /2. You can ditch the /1/Preset_label label, since you can overprint the name of the two mode on the page buttons.


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                  Since it took me a while to find it, to add a new page in TouchOSC Editor, right click on the gray area (page recall button) and choose Add Page.


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                    One last note:

                    Here's what I have done:
                    - added a new page
                    - added "Main" and "Aux" labels on the page buttons, on the two pages
                    - copied all controls from page 1 to page 2.
                    - assigned the MIDI notes to the /1 and /2 messages.
                    - copied fader and button settings to the new faders and buttons.

                    I don't have a MIO at hand and fear this will not work as expected.
                    The problem is that TouchOSC now manages two sets of faders and OSCulator only one set in two presets.
                    This means that when you switch to AUX, switch to faders 5-8 then come back to MAIN page, there are great chances that the fader positions will be wrong.

                    Let me think about another solution …


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                      Hi Camille

                      Yes that was my other option. I was just wondering if there was a way to sustain variables form preset to preset I guess like sending variables in a URL. But yes I think also your second solution will work for me.

                      I sometimes tend to get to complicated whereas simplicity is often beautiful.

                      Thanks as always.

                      i have shared my current projects on the MIo list where interest is growing in Osculator. I will have to think how to host my projects or do you think the URL I sent you to was ok its just a little inpolite to leave people on a web page to a members web site but it is simple for me!!

                      Very best wishes Russell


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                        Thanks for letting me know. I am big fan of Metric Halo gear and used to own a MIO 2882 for a while (I don't need so much I/O power anymore so I sold it).

                        I don't know if you noticed but you can attach files to posts of the forum.
                        If that's fine for you can you can host your files on the website.

                        PS: I have a found a bug happening when changing the current preset. I will release an update this evening to solve this and a couple of other problems.


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                          Yes I have tried a few things which didn't work with the faders. I am very happy indeed how it is working now.

                          The label thing is minor really but I have another option which could be better any way.

                          In the MIo console I can bank the faders in groups of 8 with a keyboard key command which I can execute from Osculator.

                          So If I create 2 pages one for channels 1 to 4 & the second for 5-8 they would operate like 9-16 with the key command.

                          Hopefully then if I then send the midi note to change the faders from main to aux faders all will work.
                          Then actually in osculator the faders actually are identical all the preset will need to do is change the faders labels.

                          I might as you mention need to make 4 presets

                          channels 1-8 main
                          channels 1-8 aux
                          channels 9-16 main
                          channels 9-16 aux

                          and of course I could do the same for further banks of 8

                          Its a shame we cannot get the fader names for the mio console does osculator work with midi hex.
                          I am finding that the select button is useful in showing which fader is which.

                          Thanks as always



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                            Nice I will host the file in the forum.
                            Yes I love the metric halo gear I can do a 12 or 13 (realistically ) out of a laptop bag. I have been using a Euphonix mc mic and now I have been sticking my ipod on top of it for 12 faders. there is still alot of advantage in real faders for control but as I get used to ipod ipads who knows especially travelling on a plane.

                            I must talk to hexler about the faders It would be nice to have a larger object where you could pick the fader up rather than it jumping. Maybe the dark bit of the fader could be adjustable and be the object.

                            Thanks Russell


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                              You should try the "relative mode" of the fader.
                              This is a recent addition and I think this will do what you want (the button is still a small though).

                              About the track names: do you know what is the format of the MIDI messages used?
                              That would be helpful.