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iPad TouchOSC and Traktor questions.

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  • iPad TouchOSC and Traktor questions.

    I know these have probably been asked many times over, but sometimes it's easier to understand when it's your own questions and not someone else's. So, I have some questions:

    1. I have, for example, a button for hotcues in Traktor, on my iPad. How can I get LED feedback on this button? I want it to show cue state, such as lighting up if there is a cue point set. I've already set the output in Traktor to Osculator 8000, but that didn't bring me much further.

    2. Is it possible to avoid "jump controls" for faders/knobs? With a hardware fader you have to slide from 100 to 0 to actually reach the value 0. On the TouchOSC fader you press 0 and it instantly jumps from 100 to 0 which sounds bad. Is there any way to avoid this, or is this a limitation of TouchOSC?

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    Hi Fzang,

    I'd really love to answer #1, but I can't give you the precise steps because I don't use Traktor.
    However, the idea is to map the cue state to a MIDI control change (for example MIDI CC 10 on channel 1) in Traktor's mapping settings.

    When you have done that, OSCulator will receive a message like /midi/cc10/1 that you can use to route to TouchOSC using a OSC Routing event.
    In the Parameters Window, open the OSC tab, and click the + button at the bottom to add a new routing. In the OSC Routing Editor, change the rewrite address to the address of you led. Typically this could be /1/led10 or something similar.
    Now, close the Parameters Window, and go back to the /midi/cc10/1 message. Assign an event of type OSC Routing, and choose the routing you just created as a value. This will have the effect to sending this MIDI message coming from Traktor to TouchOSC.

    For the second question, this can be solved by editing your layout in TouchOSC Editor, and changing the type of fader to relative.



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      Thanks for the answers

      About the first thing: I received a message and rerouted it to a push button. This doesn't trigger any response. Is it because these buttons in TouchOSC are unable to receive and display MIDI messages from external sources? Do I have to place an LED on top of the button?


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        Hi again Fzang,

        TouchOSC is an application that receives OSC messages. When you are sending a MIDI message to OSCulator, and use a OSC Routing event, you are really sending an OSC message, not a MIDI message.

        Now, it would be interesting to know how the MIDI message coming from Traktor look like. You should select the MIDI message that Traktor sends and press the Space bar, this will show the Quick Look window, and you will be able to "see" the values of the message, and most certainly understand why it does not send a correct value to the button.

        For you information a button in TouchOSC, expects a value different than 0 to be highlighted and a value over 0 to be highlighted.



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          Wooh, it's all working now Took a bit of tinkering to figure out the routing but it's pretty neat when you figure out what it does.



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            Had the same issue, found this thread and it works now. Just wanted to say thank you
            Tom from ipad app entwicklung.
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