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Strange issues with faders snapping back

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  • Strange issues with faders snapping back

    Hi there,

    First of all, thanks so much for great software and amazing support of it. I love OSCulator.

    I followed the instructions on here to create a Fader that returns to 0 in TouchOSC using OSC Routings and duplicating to include the MIDI cc.

    It works fine and snaps back down, except for one strange thing -- whenever I touch the fader at an intermediate value (say 37), it always jumps to 127 for an instant before coming back down to the value my finger is at. At first I thought it was just a visual thing but I am pretty sure 127 is actually being sent for a moment to Live.

    Any idea what that could be?

    The other issue I am having is with trying to do the opposite - making Faders which are always at full value, and snap back to full value after z=0. I used the same approach as the other faders, but sent the OSC argument "1" with a min and max MIDI output of 127 on the duplicate message.

    When I let go of a fader in this second circumstance, it always snaps to 0 on TouchOSC! I've noticed that the MIDI appears to be sending correctly, because the effect in Ableton (autofilter), is restored to full frequency range, but the visual feedback isn't working.

    Thanks in advance for your help! Let me know if you need more info.


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    Hi Sondra,

    OSCulator automatically creates a back-mapping (for example MIDI to OSC) when an incoming message not yet mapped is received. After a while, if the configuration is changed, the mapping can go out of date, which means that either data with the wrong scaling or coming from the wrong MIDI CC could be sent to your OSC Routing. The solution is to simply delete the corresponding /midi/XXX message from the list and let OSCulator recreate it again.
    Let me know if that solves your problem.

    About your second question:
    It makes me think about a OSC argument not understood by TouchOSC. Are you sure the "1" value is a number and not a string?