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help! osculator/touch osc/ableton losing connectivity

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  • help! osculator/touch osc/ableton losing connectivity

    hi everyone..

    i use osculator for touch osc & my mac book pro.
    my issue only happens when i'm onstage with MASSIVE soundsystems & lighting, never in smaller clubs but here is what happens...:::

    - i always have to create the network off stage or else osculator doesn't find the host.
    - everything is fine & working up until i step onto stage & start using it, then a few minutes later the connection gets lost & touch osc will no longer work ( i use it as a midi controller for live performances). the host gets lost...


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    Have you been able to see the power of the WiFi signal on your iPad?
    I understand that it is not something you have the time to check when you're on stage ...

    I would have thought that there is less interferences on big stages since you are further away from the audience and their cellphones, but there could be another sources like you said (lightning, diversity systems, etc.).

    The only advice I can give is to checkout my article about how to plug the iPad using USB I wrote a few month ago:

    The downside of this solution requires that you jailbreak you iPad. Although this is not something illegal anymore, you have to make sure that the jailbreak application is compatible with you iPad system. Also, note that when you update the system on your iPad you will have to jailbreak it again, and make sure before hand that you have a jailbreak application available for that new system, which is not always the case at the moment when the system update is released.

    Good luck!


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      wow... super helpful & guess i'm going to try it out... i just can't risk this happening again...

      thanks so much!