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Problems with TouchOSC and Griid - OSCulator hosts in conflict?

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  • Problems with TouchOSC and Griid - OSCulator hosts in conflict?

    Hi I've been using OSCulator for a why now and totally love it when used with TouchOSC on my iPad. But recently I've wanted to also use the Griid app to so that I can launch clips with Griid and then go back to TouchOSC to control the rest of my Ableton set.

    The problem I am having is when I move from TouchOSC to Griid and then back using the multitasking option on the ipad.
    Basically I can move to Griid, trigger my clips as I need but then when I move back to TouchOSC (with multitasking) there is no longer feedback from Abletion back to TouchOSC??

    So what I do is going into the TouchOSC "Network" settings page and instead of finding 1 host I actually find 2:
    - Macbook:8000 (OSCulator)
    - Griid

    I then have to select the 'Macbook: 8000 (OSCulator)' host and go back to TouchOSC and everything works again and I get back feedback from Ableton.

    So I decided to look at the OSCulator 'Parameters...' window when I go back from Griid to TouchOSC and I find that there are also two hosts in OSCulator.
    The 1st is: 'Phils_iPad [iPad] (TouchOSC) - which is RED (and checked).
    The 2nd is: 'Griid' - but not checked.
    As soon as I go through my manual fix (as described above going into the Network page in TouchOSC and selecting 'Macbook:8000 (OSCulator)') and return to the TouchOSC control screens the 'Phils_iPad [iPad] (TouchOsc) host in OSCulator turns to BLACK and as I already described TouchOSC works properly again and I get feedback form Ableton.

    Obviously I don't want to do this every time I want to launch a clip in Griid and then go back to TouchOSc especially if I want to move back and forth quickly.

    Can anyone tell me if there's an easy fix and also which of the three bits of software might be in error (if any) so that I can direct my problem to the right people??

    Any help is much appreciated! Fixing this would give me a perfect Ableton controller for what I need (simple and specific).

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    Hi !

    I am sorry but this is a problem coming from TouchOSC.
    I have written a small post about this here:!

    I have already told Rob the maker of TouchOSC about this problem, but I think it is best if everyone do the same.



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      Hi Cam,
      Thanks ever so much for the quick response and for pointing me in the right direction. I'm pleased it's a known issue and I'm not the 1st to observe this.
      As well as posting this thread here I sent a direct email to Rob of TouchOSC as well. So I will see what he replies with and update here as soon as I get something back.

      Cheers, Phil