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TouchOSC/OSCulator ad hoc network not working

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  • TouchOSC/OSCulator ad hoc network not working


    I've been using TouchOSC and OSCulator over my local wifi network where i use my broadband hub to connect both my Mac and iPad:

    My Macs IP address:
    My iPad IP address:

    For both subnet mask is :

    When using this Network setup TouchOSC and OSCulator work as expected and i get feedback from Ableton back to TouchOSC and it is relatively stable. Unfortunately this setup is not possible when I play out live.

    Therefore I have been trying to get setup an Ad hoc network using the 'Create Network' on Mac to connect my iPad so that I can use TouchOSC and OSCulator:

    I manually set the IP address/subnet mask of my Mac for my ad hoc network to (Manual TCP/IP configuration):
    Subnet Mask:

    I then connected to the new ad hc network on my iPad and then went and set the iPad IP address (Statics IP - hardcoded): (note here that the last digit is 2. whereas for my mac it was 1).
    Subnet Mask:

    In this Network setup TouchOSC works for a couple of minutes and then seems to lose connection with OSCulator completely!! i.e. it can not see the OSCulator host for long periods of time if ever again and then maybe sometimes the host pops back in the network section of TouchOSC for no apparent reason. But generally it remains disconnected.

    As soon as I return to the previous network setting i.e. using my broadband hub. everything seems to work fine again.

    What the hell am I doing wrong? I have spent the last day trying to solve this problem but I have got no where!!


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    You should normally not need to enter IP addresses manually.
    The procedure to connect the iPad and the Mac using a ad-hoc network is as follows:
    • Create a network on your Mac
    • On the iPad, go to system settings and set to Airplane mode, then re-activate Wifi
    • Go to WiFi settings, and select the newly created network
    • Go back to the list of WiFi networks and click on the blue arrow next to the network name, from there wait that the IP field gets updated. This usually happens after 15 seconds.
    • You can then leave the system settings, and open TouchOSC.

    If OSCulator is running on your computer you should be able to see it in TouchOSC's Network settings.

    If you lose connection with your iPad during a session, that means that the WiFi network may be unstable because of various factors, like interferences. I would suggest that you reboot your iPad one in a while to avoir any problems.

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