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Trouble with faders in Live

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  • Trouble with faders in Live

    Hi guys, last week i've decided to buy Touch OSC, after reading incredible things on the net and after a useless search for the "perfect hardware midi controller". After setting up my template for my ableton set in the editor, everything seems ok but i've noticed that faders not works properly...after inverting them seems that they values goes directly from - infinity to 0 like a note on/off, i've checked in osculator that they are CC. I missed something????

    Thanks a lot

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    Hi Faber,

    You might want to check two things :
    • In OSCulator, select your fader message (e.g. /1/fader1), and press the space bar. This will open the Quick Look window. Move the fader, is the signal smooth?
    • Now go to the Scaling Page (Command-F). Considered you have connected a MIDI CC event to the fader, you should see something like Input min = 0.0, Input max = 1.0, Output min = 0.0, Output max = 127.0. If this is not the case, it might be that a scaling was previously applied to the fader, which causes the sudden change in MIDI CC.



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      I just realized when reading again your message that you said you inverted the fader.
      Could you tell a bit more on this?
      Maybe that is the source of the problem.


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        Yes i've inverted the faders, but i've cheked the signal isn't smooth like on/off, i've checked, delete and reinserted values in the scaling page, but they doesn't work properly. Then i've imported in the editor the template "mix 2" and modify it...faders now seems work properly, but now centered rotary not...The problem is: every movement i do in the iphone (to the left or right) they only decrease the value. I've used centered to reproduce real eq knobs in dj style...The starting value is at 12 o'clock, to the left they should decrease, to the right they should boost...