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Android No Feedback from Osculator to Touchosc

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  • Android No Feedback from Osculator to Touchosc

    Hi There,

    I just started playing around with TouchOsc on android and although I can get it set up to output data from the phone and map it to ableton (via Osculator) with no problems I cant get changes in live to reflect in the touchosc interface on the phone.

    Having looked through the notes for touchosc android I didnt see anywhere that this isnt possible so I wondered if i was doing something wrong. Can anyone help me with this? If you need more information about how I have things set up please do ask.

    Thanks a lot

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    Hello Azathoth,

    I have no experience with the Android port of TouchOSC.
    Bi-directional communications autoconfiguration is based on the fact that TouchOSC exposes a (Bonjour) service on the network that OSCulator detects. It would be interesting to know first if OSCulator is able to find your Android device. To see if TouchOSC has been detected, go to the Parameters window, then the OSC tab, and in the table at the top see if your device is there.

    If not, then you will have to set up a target manually with your device's IP address and the port on which TouchOSC is running. Then, the bi-directional communications should work. Let me know how it goes...



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      Hi Camille,

      Thanks for the reply, I didnt realize that osculator used bonjour to see the touchscreen device, as yet apparently the android version of touchOSC doesnt use that protocol thats probably why it doesnt work 'out of the box'. I set it up to see the phone manually with the IP address and port 9000 but it still doesnt seem to see any data coming in. Although you get a green light in Osculator there doesnt seem to be anything going to the phone itself


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        I am surprised this does not work. Without the device at hand, I can not give a better answer. However I'll try to clarify the configuration parameters:

        In the Parameters Window, OSC tab, you need to add a manual definition for your phone's IP address.
        In the Targets table (the one at the top), you can enter a manual IP:Port definition.
        If you phone has ip address XXX.YYY.ZZZ.WWW and is listening on port ABCD, you have to enter: XXX.YYY.ZZZ.WWW:ABCD in the second column (double click to enter data in the column).

        Make sure this target is the default target.

        What worries me is that you have seen the green light blinking which means that OSCulator is okay to send data to the specified target. But if your phone doesn't receive anything, I assume either the IP address or the port is wrong. Or it could be that TouchOSC on Android doesn't receive data at all ... but I doubt of it!



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          Hi Cam,

          That is how ive got it set up, but strangely it still doesnt work. Ive emailed hexler to see if i can get any clarification on the issue because it seems really strange to me as well

          I'll let you know if i hear anything back.



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            Alright, thanks for letting me know if you find anything.


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              Hi Cam,

              Ive worked out what the problem was, and it was so simple that im kicking myself over it For some reason if you use the touchosc default input port (9000) it doesnt work, but if you set it to something else and make the appropriate changes in osculator it works fine!


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                Thanks you for this update, very interesting I guess for TouchOSC Android users!