Here is a list of recommended WiFI Routers for a better experience when connecting your mobile device to your computer.

First of all, I'd like to stress on the fact the a wireless connection is inherently not reliable. Even more when you play on stage and / or in the city where there is a lot of signal interference, for example caused by radio pollution (GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, home WiFI networks), electrostatic interference (tungsten lights, PA, grounding problems), etc.

I discussed with several artists and performers that use their MacBooks on stage, and I have been told several times that WiFI adapters in MacBooks did not have such a strong signal, or were sensitive to radio-interferences.

The best solution to this problem is to use a cable instead of wireless connection whenever possible. It is best to connect the computer is connected with an Ethernet cable (CAT-5e Ethernet cable on a 100 Mbps link will do just fine). In this configuration, the mobile device is the only device that uses a wireless connection.
  • ASUS Wireless AP WL-330gE
    I love this access point, much much recommended (Thank you Carla for the tip!). It is packed with tons of features, has USB, Ethernet, WiFI interfaces, LED indicators for signal strengh. Definitely a must have if you need to do serious WiFI in small venues.
    A home router that is good for live use (Thanks Erik for the tip!). Has a strong signal with 3 big antennas. Erik told me this one had the ability to choose the best channel with regards to radio signal quality. Best if you have many computers because it has a built-in 4 ports Ethernet hub/switch
  • Amped Wireless UA600 High Power Adapter
    Interesting product, advertised as having a super strong WiFI signal. I have not tested this one, so I can't tell for sure if it is very reliable.
  • Apple Airport Express
    Good product, super easy to use assuming you use the Ethernet port to connect the computer.
  • Apple Airport Extreme
    This is a classic and works fairly well. I wouldn't recommend it for use on stage, but at home it works well and has a good signal.

And a few tips :
  • Don't trust your home router for signal reliability !!!
  • Connect your mobile device to an ad-hoc network (computer created network) before assuming the software is broken.
  • DSL boxes generally have cheap WiFI adapters.