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Leds & pads that correspond with ableton clips triggered by midi. Visual feedback.

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  • Leds & pads that correspond with ableton clips triggered by midi. Visual feedback.

    Problem i have now is that sometimes i wish you could change a midi event to work like a switch. So an On-Off message would stay On. Or 1-0 would stay 1. I know you can do this with the scaling.

    Trick is that i would like to have an off message when another midi note is triggered.

    I can solve the problem using presets and the enable (meta events) however the led is still momentary.

    But it's not ideal since you first have to write all the messages and then make the presets.

    Plus when you make a change in the default preset. You need to change all the other presets.

    Any ideas how i can solve this?

    What i would like to do is:

    Have leds go on when a clip is triggered in ableton via a midi note coming from an Octapad. So there is visual feedback of the 8 pads about the clips on the ipod touch.
    When another pad is struck, the next led would go on and the first go out & so on.

    Problem is that there are program changes so you can have more than 8 midi note triggers.

    I think there are over 20 program changes. Each having 8 note numbers.

    I can solve the problem by making dummy clips in ableton. But not very elegant…

    Maybe there is a way via LiveOSC but can't seem to get my head around that. Or maybe via PureData (Pd-extended)...but this won't even open on my Mac. No idea why that is.

    I also work with JunXion. I'm sure you have heard about it. There you can convert midi events to almost anything before you start to work with them. Even store value's in tables and other fun stuff.

    What i already have done is created Text arguments to accomodate all the 8 pads via OSC routing to label1,.. etc. sending text arguments to the different pads on the Ipod.

    To visualize what is next on the Octapads...when a program change is made.

    I thought it could be done with LiveOSC but again...can't get my head around it.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you for your time!

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    Hmmm, I suppose i can solve my problems using JunXion along with Osculator and TouchOSC lol :-)

    Être élégant n'est pas seulement une question d'applications
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      Hey Zombie3141592653…,

      I think (but may be wrong) that you are taking the problem from the wrong side.
      If your leds must react to a specific clip state, why not configure them so they are highlighted from an event coming from Live?

      If you think it sounds like the right way, I'll try to prototype an example for you.

      On the other hand, if it works well with both junXion and OSCulator, you can use them both, I just find this setup a bit overkill though …



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        Yes, I guess you are right.

        Probably the easiest way is to make dummy midi clips that send a continuous CC or midi note to the leds.
        And just copy them over to every block of 8 in ableton. So they are triggered by ableton instead of the midi note comming from the octapad.

        Then i don't need junXion.


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          Did you do this from memory?
          By the way I think the next version of the application will be OSCulator ∏ … he he.


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            Cool! OSCulator ∏

            I try to memorise a number per life year I'm at the 79 "5" is the one for this year hehe