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Touch osc + osculator to control ableton tempo

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  • Touch osc + osculator to control ableton tempo

    Hi, i wanted to ask if anyone knows how can i make some kind of midi mapping with the tousch osc and osculator to control the ableton tempo but in increments of +/- 1 or .5 ?? So that i can have 2 push buttons one with + and one with - to increase the tempo!?

    Thank you!!

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    Hi Daniel,

    I have not tested this but you should be able to map tempo budge buttons in Live to a MIDI Note.
    In OSCulator, assign a MIDI Note to the buttons you want to use to control the tempo nudge. You can choose any note on any channel, this doesn't matter as long as you choose different notes.
    Then in Live, switch to MIDI Learn mode (Command-M), and click on a tempo nudge button, then hit the first button you want to map in TouchOSC. Repeat with the other tempo nudge control, and you second button.
    When you touch a button in TouchOSC, this should "nudge" the tempo as desired.

    Let me know if that works for you.



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      Yes i have this mapping for the nundge, but the nundge only bends the tempo and the goes back to the original one. So if you are in 120 it will only move up or down while you are holding it, and then it will go back to 120.
      If i map a fader to the tempo it allows me to move it up and down but it will go 120.00, 120.03, 120.10 and so on... so its very hard to set it at a desired value....


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        Good point, I'm sorry I don't know how to do this. Maybe there would be a way to do this by creating a Max4Live device, but of course that would require of Max4Live...


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          yes thats the only way i have found also... but i dont have max4live, and its expensive only to use it for this lol. I hope one day they will change this in ableton