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page change message from osculator to touchosc

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  • page change message from osculator to touchosc

    Hi all,

    is there a command in osculator to send a page change message to my touchosc layout on an ipod. I have a button on each page which sends a "home"/page1 message to Sibelius app and I'd like it to be reflected on the ipod. Thanks for a great app!

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    Hi Syme,

    In order to change a page in TouchOSC, you must send a OSC Routing message with the name of the page as the address.
    In the Parameters Window, go to the OSC tab, and add a new routing by clicking the + button.
    In the OSC Editor, change the rewrite address to "/1" (if your page is named "1" in TouchOSC Editor).
    You can add a small memo text to remember what this routing is made for.

    Close the Parameters Window, and in the main list, assign this routing to the message that is at the origin of the event (a button for example). If you need to perform two actions at once, you must first duplicate (Command-D) the message and you will be able to assign the event to another slot.

    Best Regards,


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      Thanks for your reply Camille. I have followed your instructions but it is not working; what I see now is:

      1) in OSCulator, with "osc routing" selected on my "home button" (/F8/home) clicking on "value" shows - Default: ipod touch(touchosc), Nearby Hosts: G5 8000 (osculator), User Defined: local host:9000>/F7 ("/F7" is the name of the homepage - page 1)
      2) in TouchOSC Connections - Host = G5.local. , Port(out) = 8000 , Port(in) = 9000 , Found Hosts = G5:8000 (OSCulator)

      Can you see anything wrong here? Thanks.


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        Alright, I'm sorry!
        I gave you the instructions for version 2.10, I was unaware that you were using an older version.

        You're almost there.
        Go back to the Parameters window, and replace "localhost" by the IP address of your iPod, and "9000" by the incoming port of TouchOSC. You can see both information by going in TouchOSC's Network Settings.

        Please let me know if that solved your problem.


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          Hi Camille - working....super! Thanks.