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  • TouchOSC DX7 editor

    Hello there,

    Im trying to set this DX7 editor up with my system.

    I think i have some idea how this works. Or not.
    This seem to be written for Missing Link (hardware OSC to MIDI interface)
    To get this editor to work i need something in my computer to work the same way.

    The basic idea is to have the iPad hooked up with TouchOSC to my mac pro. Then via the computer to my MOTU MIDI interface to my Yamaha TX816 (8 DX7's in a rack).

    I can get this to work with note on/off and cc# but the thing is written in OSC commands so core midi is not an option, as i have to rewrite the whole thing.

    Can OSCulator translate the OSC messages for my synth in a convenient way or do i still have to remap the whole thing?

    Will be grateful for any answers. / Thulo

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    Hi Thulo,

    Unfortunately there are two problems:
    OSCulator doesn't support the Missing Link protocol, and the OSC used here is not standard (has spaces in the names, OSCulator won't handle such messages), so you will have to rename the controls with new addresses.



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      Ok i see. Thanks for the fast reply. Dont know if i have the time or the will to exchange all parameters. Have to get that little box then.