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Setting faders and buttons to default on or off status...

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  • Setting faders and buttons to default on or off status...


    So in osculator, if you have "send values when this preset is restored" selected, OSCulator will send all the values of the stored preset to the device that you are using.

    For example, in my case, a Yamaha 01V mixing console.

    However, it doesn't send the values to touchOSC.

    What I would like to know is this:

    Currently, I have a button set up in my touchOSC layout to trigger a scene change in the 01V. This Sends a program control to the 01V and recalls the desk to a preset (my default setting).

    What I would also like this button to do is to set the faders and buttons in touchOSC to the same state. But I can't figure out how to tell touchOSC to change it's fader to 0 or to max... Or it's toggle button to on or off...

    Is there a way to do this?

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    Hi Douggy,

    When using the "send values when this preset is restored" option, OSCulator re-sends all the last messages it has received of the preset being restored. If TouchOSC doesn't react to the preset change, you may want to check that the default target (in the Parameters Window, OSC tab) is your iPhone or iPad.

    Now, the problem you describe has been already discussed, and it looks like the 01V doesn't behave correctly, in the sense that it should send the MIDI values of each fader when a scene is recalled, but it seems it doesn't. OSCulator is not aware of the values stored in a scene.

    If you manage to get the values sent back to your iOS device (which should work when changing a preset with the formerly discussed option activated), you should be able to reset your buttons and faders to a desired configuration, but as I said that would imply that you don't use the scenes on the 01V, which is a bummer.