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MacBook Pro + OSCulator + TouchOSC + Traktor

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  • MacBook Pro + OSCulator + TouchOSC + Traktor


    I have been trying to connect my OSCulator to Traktor Scratch Pro 1.2.7 with TouchOSC. I have a MacBook Pro 10.6.8. I have followed all kinds of different instructions and tutorials, including what I have found on the threads in this forum, and for some reason I can't seem to make the hook-up. I have downloaded and installed a .tsi file (Mossy_BinLid_iFighter.tsi). OSCulator receives signals from TouchOSC, but even though I have enabled the IAC driver and have tried many combinations of setup preferences in Traktor, nothing seems to work. I have noticed that in Traktor if I close the preferences window after modifying the controller settings, when I reopen the window, none of the settings are saved. I'm new at this, so I am sure this is probably a problem with the user, not the programs, but I am totally lost. Anyone have a suggestion?

    Also, please excuse my English!


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    Hi Artemio,

    I remember some users had problems with older versions of Traktor when using external MIDI controllers. The problem was not specifically related to OSCulator but to any application that was using CoreMIDI (the MIDI 'engine' in Mac OS X). In order to help with support, I recently purchased Traktor version 2.0.1, and it seems to work well. I'm sorry to say that you might need to upgrade your software...