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Toggle Button Value Range (begginner question)

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  • Toggle Button Value Range (begginner question)

    Hello Everyone,

    I work for a lighting company and have been playing with TouchOSC/Osculator/Luminair recently. I was able to map all of the faders via OSC without a problem but I have a question concerning the toggle buttons.

    I have one toggle button mapped to the Black Out at the moment. When I push the toggle button the fixture blacks out as it should and the toggle button is lit. When i press the toggle again the button light goes out, but fixture doesn't respond and come back on. If i press the toggle again, the button lights up and the fixture responds and comes back on, but then I have the toggle once again in the lit position (which i want to indicate the blackout). I press the button again and the fixture doesn't respond (it stays on), but the button is unlit and I'm back to the proper state with both. I think it has something to do with the value being sent but I can't figure out how to fix it in TouchOSC Editor.

    I would like to be able to have the fixture respond with each push of the button. Blacked out when the toggle is lit, not blacked out when the toggle is unlit.

    I'm really excited to learn about OSC, so thanks in advance for the help. If anyone has any links for beginners i would love to read through it.

    Best Regards

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    Hi Kid Missleproof,

    Sorry for the late answer, I missed your post.
    What you see is the result of two toggles working together in series.

    If the application that receives the message from the toggle is Luminair, I would guess that it already does the job of "toggling" the black out on and off, on which condition I would use a push-button rather than a toggle in order to have only one toggle in the end.

    Best Regards,


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      Hi Camille,

      No worries! I had to take a break from the project anyway =)

      I understand that a push button would be fine for toggling the function in luminair but there wouldn't be any feedback on the secondary device with Touch OSC. As it's a blackout button, it should be apparent if its active or not, but it would still be nice to have that feedback. Is it possible?

      As always, thank you for your reply.



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        Hey KM,

        I'm not sure I can give you a straight answer. If you are looking for feedback from Luminair to TouchOSC, then I believe that this behavior should come from Luminair.