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Live, User Remote Script for iPhone

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  • Live, User Remote Script for iPhone


    here is a little tool some of you find handy.
    it is script for Ableton Live, it let you take control of some of basic functions of Live without any midi mapping to do.
    It is a kind of universal midi mapping.
    it is based on the old Live 6 protocol so it is quite limited but with and iPhone and TouchOSC you get some pretty nice bidirectinnal control over tracks volume, Device macro and DrumRack.
    Select any Device or DrumRacks then your iPhone will follow
    You could navigate thru tracks from the iPhone itself, just remember to check "exclusive" in Live pref for track arming.
    The only limitation is about track count, your are limited to the first 8 tracks plus Master Volume.

    Installation is simple:
    - drop the folder named "iPhone" into your Ableton Live preference folder
    - load into your iPhone the preset I made for TouchOSC editor
    - the Osculator document
    - Launch Live then select "iPhone" in the control surface preference.

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    Hi Olivier,

    This looks great!

    As I am leaving on holidays, I can't test it right now, but it looks very promising.

    Thank you for sharing this.




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      Thanks Camille

      Enjoy your vacations !



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        I am late to see this post I read through Peter's article this week and got it working tonight! Now I jumped over here to OSCulator to report back to the forum that it is possible and pretty easy, but you beat me to it, and provided all the goodies...I will check out your work to see how I can improve on what I did. Gotta love the web.

        I am noticing that the touch screen of course is a little lacking for playing drums, but it is fun enough. I'll keep exploring.

        Thanks Olivier!


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          I am glad you could make it on your own.

          Just a few notices I 'd like to share:

          I don't feel any lag when I play drums, I feel this when I use my Lemur but not with this iPhone.

          I have a 3GS, so do you?

          The "arm track to select" I found is not perfect, you have to check "exclusive" in Live's Pref and you got inconsistancy if some tracks are a group master ( as they don't have a Rec button you can select them via the iphone but the Rec button on it won't turn off when you select another track, no feeback from LIve does it)

          Building your own interfaces in touchOSC is a certainly a breakthru for everybody but it is still a pain, especialy when you build a landscape one.

          Upload in the iPhone takes too many clicks, and many times I lost the connection.

          I really hope its creator will have enough time to improve, there are good ideas too collect in Lemur and Mainstage building tools.

          Talking about Mainstage, do you know it uses some lua scripts to "automap" some hardware controlers?

          Definitly something to investigate ;-)


          I wish


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            I Can't seem to get this to work. I just want to able to use push buttons on touchosc to control drum rack. i followed the instructions, and drum rack has the little hand which denotes that it is being controlled by a controller, but none of the pads seem to do anything in live.

            All the other controls work ok, so i'm not sure what's going on.

            any ideas?



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              Hi Marc,

              the blue hand just means a Control surface has been choosen, it is not enough.

              Do you get red light indicators in Osculator when you play the iPhone ?

              What if you desable the iPhone as control surface in in LIve then just check if you have midi notes coming into live midi track?



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                I get green indicators in OSCulator. I'm definitely getting mid notes coming into live, the indicator is flashing. If i enable the iphone as a control surface, it works on all the track faders. It's only the drum track pads that won't seem to work.


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                  Hm, this is weird

                  faders use cc. pads use notes, maybe there is something transposing incoming notes or filtering a keynote range

                  I guess you tried with a Live blank song as well to avoid such thing.

                  Just have look at the incoming notes from iPhone, if they really match the one setup in my script



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                    Managed to fix the problem i was having with the pads (deleted the drum rack and started a new one - it just worked?)

                    Now Ive got a new problem - TouchOSC is not updating from Live (looks like live is sending key midi out messages, not midi track out messages)

                    Anyone got any clues?



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                      Good you fix the drum pad issue.

                      About feedback, you can delete all the OSC routing messages created by OSCulator when it receives a midi message coresponding to one it sent.

                      Then try faders one by one to investigate.



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                        Thanks Olivier, that worked. It looks like I had changed the global midi channel, but because the routing messages were on the old channel, they no longer updated touchOSC.

                        It now works perfectly




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                          Good !



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                            hi Oliver,

                            thank you so much for these great presets!

                            im just getting into midi mapping, would you be willing to share how you created that custom control surface for Live? the wonderful thing about what you have done is normally you have to do a midi map for every Live project individually, with your control surface you can open live and rock with the OSC on any project. the reason i ask is because i have created a TouchOSC layout for clip launching and i would like to save this a control surface to use for all my Live projects...

                            would you enlighten us??




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                              Hi Luke,

                              The Custom Control Surface scripts are quite limited, the only functions you can control in Live are described in the scrip itself.

                              There is nothing about clip launch.

                              to create what you want we have to use another technique like LIVEOSC, a python sripting tool based on a query/answer protocol.

                              This way you can ask Live where are the loaded clip slots, then trigger them at will.

                              As you can imagine this involve a 3rd party software to manage the query/answer scheme, Max can do it, a Lemur as well ( OS V2 required).

                              My advice is to wait for MaxForLive, expected later this year, because it will be more reliable and easier ( a little bit).

                              Sorry Luke