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  • reason 5 template 1.1

    you need to assign the "<inst / inst>" buttons by going to the 'options' menu and selecting "additional remote overrides..." in the pop-up that comes up, double click where it says "target previous track" another pop-up will come up, click the box 'learn from control surface input' and then tap the "<inst" button. this should come up as midi cc 127
    repeat this process for "inst>" which will come up as cc126. now close the window and you're good to go.

    btw, you must create a mixer track in the sequencer in order to use the mixer layout on page 2. its not labeled but its pretty simple; aux sends 1, 2 and returns. pan pots at the bottom. toggle and normal buttons for solo and mute, very handy live and a worth having both i think. this isn't finished but should all work.

    on page 3, the keyboard page, the 2 faders aren't assigned, i'm still working on this. the transport controls are though (as are all the transport controls on other pages and the 'Q' quantize button and select and delete buttons. i know it would be nice to have these on every page layed out the same; it's something i'm working on. these are also universal so you dont have to worry about having the correct channel/instrument selected when using them) You should be able to use this keyboard layout to play any of the synths and samplers. its not finished but it's a useful addition and something to work on.

    on page 1, the drum pads, of the controls on the left of the pads, the 2 faders, the aux 1S and 2S and the tone and pan buttons are all unassigned so far. the bus send and pitch, decay and level controls works so they are of some use for now. i had trouble with these but will have a rethink about this page. the main problem is getting those controls to change as you hit each drum pad because currently they only work for pad1 and don't change. i have a pretty good idea how to do this, but its a bit of a headache and i've not got much time to do it at the minute. hopefully i'll get round to it soon. the controls on the right should all work fine.

    that's it for now. i know it's probably a long way off finished by the standards of some of the other templates on here but i had a lot of trouble finding a reason 5 template so i just started making this....

    hopefully someone else can get some use out of it
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    I`ve just downloaded your templates and it works great!
    Thanks a lot for great work! Keep it up!


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      I'm definitely interested i getting this right but i cant seem to make reason respond to the midi notes even though all the controllers seem to work.


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        Hi Prodbear, You need to configure Reason so it receives MIDI events from OSCulator. In Reason, open the Preferences, and go to the 'Control Surfaces' tab, then configure it like in the attached image.

        Screen shot 2012-01-13 at 16.30.13.png

        This is not depicted in the image, but when you add a generic MIDI Keyboard control surface, you have to choose 'OSCulator Out' as the MIDI input.
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