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wacom to max: pen proximity causes audio to cut out

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  • wacom to max: pen proximity causes audio to cut out

    I can successfully run the wacom to max program using my wacom bamboo touch, but after a few minutes of use, the pen causes my audio to cut out. I set the x and y axis to a cycle~ freq and gain, and was able to control it fine. Soon though, the audio would cut out whenever, and as long as the pen was in proximity.

    Restarting max produces fixes it, but again for just a few minutes. Any thoughts on what could cause this?

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    Hi James,

    Could you tell what versions of OSCulator and Max / MSP you are running?
    I have no idea why the processing would stop like this, but i know there's been some versions of Max/MSP that had problems with OSC input. I don't think the Wacom to Max example uses the CNMAT OSC objects, so you shouldn't need to update that.

    Also, if you select a Wacom message in OSCulator (for example the one that corresponds to the X axis) and press the space bar, you will display a Quick Look window allowing you to see the signal from the Wacom tablet. What does it give when the processing is stopped? Does OSCulator still receive messages from the tablet?



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      Hi Cam

      Thanks for the reply. One crucial thing i neglected to mention before was that I was using max4live, (max 5.1, OSCulator 2.11.2)

      I upgraded to max 6 this morning, and ran the patch without ableton. The audio problem no longer occurs, however, after the same short time of use, the patch seems to increase in latency. I'm thinking its the same problem, just that ableton handled the latency by cutting out audio, where MAX stand alone just delays the signal.

      The quicklook in OSCulator displays all input in real time, so the latency must be occurring on the MAX end. Any ideas?



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        Have you adjusted the audio input buffers of your audio interface?
        I'm sorry I have no other idea, without the patch it's impossible to guess.


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          I'm trying to address the functions of touchosc editor to osculator, but when I reach the number 127 he did not give me more numbers so I can't continue my assigned commands.

          How do expand the options of numbers?