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DIY Multitouch Screen: Touché & OSCulator

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  • DIY Multitouch Screen: Touché & OSCulator

    I am so very close.

    I've been working on a touchscreen the past month or so, finally have all the parts necessary to blob tracking working, including Touché sending TUIO to OSCulator. However, once I've mapped particular TUIO messages to Mouse > Trackpad Touch/Move X/Move Y, I can't seem to get a response out of the cursor.

    Short video here of the values sending to OSCulator from Touché with no cursor response:

    I've tried using the Absolute and Relative Mouse Move mappings, but since Touché's X/Y values don't emulate a pitch bend (snapping back to a value of zero when the cursor/blob is dead in Touché) the cursor is constantly fed whatever the last X/Y coordinates were as incremental movement commands. In other words: with Relative the mouse is uncontrollable and I must restart OSCulator and absolute the cursor just corners itself at the top-left of my screen when it receives a command.

    Is this a hole in OSCulator? Am I missing something?

    I'm going out for ice cream. Let's figure this out. All I really need right now is trackpad control. Or any reliable way to control the cursor really.

    Running Snow Leopard and latest OSCulator.

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    In addition to Trackpad X and Trackpad Y you need to tell when the (virtual) trackpad is touched. More details at page 43 of the 2.12 manual.