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Kinect + OSCulator + Animata

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  • Kinect + OSCulator + Animata

    I am trying to find a way to just use these programs to create a basic moving humanoid form. Is there a way without using synapse or NI Mate? I am not a coder, but experienced with MIDI and VJ software for 10 years. I am trying to find the simplest, non interdependent way of doing this.

    Surely there must be a way as there is for the Wiimote to interpret the data in a basic form and convert it to float(?) values in Animata?

    So far it seems that every different way I approach this i hit a brick wall with either the OS, version of Xtools, Installing NI errors, Homebrew errors etc etc and I am running out of time for a simple festival project.

    The plan is for users to walk up to a large LED screen (4-10 meters away) and without doing the jesus pose calibration, control a simple sprite. I am going to get started with the limbs in animata, but any guidance would be massively appreciated!

    Any help would be great!!!!

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    Hi Adam,

    I've asked a friend that told me that you should have a look at Processing, that should let you work with Animata and the Kinect, and also send OSC messages all in the same environment.

    So, you have the Processing library called SimpleOpenNI, provides Kinect tracking without Jesus style calibration. There is a library that lets you open Animata files in Processing, but he didn't recall its name, a quick search on Google should give you the information, there are tutorials on that matter.