Hi there,

I recently bought a Rockband 3 Keytar for wii (review at http://createdigitalmusic.com/2010/1...-midi-keyboard) and I'm using it with a long midi cable in my band, all working fine. Starting looking at wireless options for flexibility on stage, and came across a number of solutions (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaDCi0QzzOc) but thought OSCulator was the best answer :-)

Well, while OSCulator 'sees' my regular wiimote, and it reacts correctly, I can't get it to 'see' the keytar (see attached - "wiimote discovery error (code: 188)). I've checked the List Of Compatible Wiimote gear section (the fact that Guitar Hero 3 and World Tour Guitar works wirelessly got my hopes up), had a look at the Samples Library, thinking that the Wii Guitar Example in the Wiimote folder might be of help: I've tried using the Rockband bundled USB/bluetooth adaptor as well as my Mac's built-in bluetooth but all to no avail :-(

The youtube git/xcode solution is beyond my technical knowledge so any thoughts on an OSCulator solution?

Thanks in advance,

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