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OSCultaor Creates MIDI Device, but Unable to Send MIDI to Apps

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  • OSCultaor Creates MIDI Device, but Unable to Send MIDI to Apps

    Using OSCulator 2.9.3, Mac OS X 10.6.2, Wacom Intuos 2 (with latest drivers), and GarageBand. The Wacom is recognized by OSCulator, and when I move the stylus around on it, the yellow and green lights blink next to x/y/etc. GarageBand sees 2 MIDI devices (the other is a MIDI keyboard), but I can't seem to get MIDI data from OSCulator into GarageBand. I have checked with MIDI Monitor, with "OSCulator Out" selected as a MIDI source to monitor, but no events come through.

    Under "Event Type", I have tried setting x and y to various values, including MIDI CC and MIDI Note; I've also tried leaving Value unset or setting it to a random note (which fires once in GarageBand when it's set, but thereafter, not at all), and changing "Chan" to various values. No matter what I do, MIDI Monitor sees no data (it sees data from my MIDI keyboard just fine).

    It seems like there's a parameter I need to set just to make everything fire OK, but I can't figure it out.

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    Hey libcrypt,

    Sending MIDI to GarageBand should be rather straightforward.

    Please note that in order to do something useful, both the Event Type and Value columns should be informed.

    Could you please try this:

    - in GarageBand (I have tested with GarageBand 5.1) a new session

    - make sure it has at least one track and select it (it should turn green)

    - create a new document in oscltr

    - move the stylus and locate the x event

    - assign a MIDI CC, with value 7 and channel 1

    - move the stylus again

    The volume of the track must change in response to the stylus position.

    If that is not the case, open the Console application (located in /Application/Utilities) and select the category "All messages" in the list on the left. If you see messages coming from oscltr, could you please send the log to me? An email to camille at osculator dot net would be best, just copy and paste if you see anything suspicious.



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      I just tried that, and indeed, the volume does change in the track as I move the pen on the Wacom. Also, MIDI Monitor sees all the messages coming from OSCulator that are affecting the volume.

      However, when I change the Event Type to "MIDI Note + 24 C0" or "MIDI Note w/Parameters + /wacom/2/pen/514", then one sound occurs in GarageBand when I first tap the Wacom, but subsequent movements do not trigger any notes. Also, MIDI Monitor sees the very first note when I set the event type, but it sees no MIDI after that. I should be seeing more MIDI data, right?


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        That's not necessarily true, it only sends MIDI events when needed and that depends on your configuration file.

        If you want, I can have a look at your document if you send it to me.


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          That was a useful hint: Maybe what I'm trying to achieve can't be done with OSCulator? I'm attemping to trigger MIDI notes with discrete values based on the y-position of the Wacom tablet. E.g., if I tap in the middle, I'll get C0. A little higher, and C1. If I drag the stylus up, I'm expecting to hear a scale starting at the note position where I drop it and ending where I pick it up. Or maybe even a continuous-sounding pitch-sweep between the two notes. Is this something that OSCulator can do?

          After reading your comment, I realized that one half of the pad was note-on and the other half was note-off when I set it to MIDI Note + a particular pitch, so now it's making more sense.


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            I'm not sure if this will sound exactly how you want, but there is a simple way of doing this:

            1. Use your stylus to display the pen and pen button messages.

            2. In the pen message, locate the message "y" and assign a "Note Param" event with a value of Pitch

            3. Now locate the pen button message, assign a "MIDI Note w/ Params" event, and as argument select the message group that holds the parameter (Pitch) you previously assigned.

            When you press the stylus tip, it will play a MIDI note with its pitch varying with respect the Y axis.

            You can customize the MIDI notes range in the Parameters Window, Inputs tab.

            You can also do some more customization of the ranges by using the Scalings Page (found in the View menu).



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              That is what I was trying to achieve. Thank you very much for clearing up my confusions about OSCulator.