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Connecting to old Wacom UD serial tablet

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  • Connecting to old Wacom UD serial tablet


    I have an old Wacom UD-1218-R serial tablet connected to a G4 running Leopard via a KeySpan serial to USB adapter (USA-19HS). I'm using TabletMagic ( to drive the tablet because Wacom don't support these old serial tablets on OS X. This works fine - the TabletMagic driver shows that all parameters are received from the tablet, including pressure sensitivity and stylus tilt data. With tilt data enabled in TabletMagic, it reports nine sets of changing 8-bit Hex values (seven sets without tilt). However, when I open OSCulator there are no messages being generated (Input port set to 8000). Is there any way I can connect OSCulator to this tablet input so that I can link through to Logic? There are many of these old and reliable Wacom serial tablets around, so I'm sure there would be other people interested in this.

    Thanks very much,


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    Hello Charles,

    Even if you use TabletMagic, there would be no way to using your tablet with OSCulator because OSCulator communicates directly with the modern (USB) Wacom driver.

    To be totally honest with you, I will not support serial Wacom tablets because of the hefty amount of work it would require to code a driver — ultimately written to support deprecated hardware. Moreover, new features are only added to the current branch (2.10) that does not work anymore with computers running Mac OS X 10.4.




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      Thanks Cam for your rapid response and explanation about the direct link between OSCulator and the USB Wacom driver. I fully understand your reasons for not wanting to divert time to creating a special driver for old serial Wacom tablets - it must be difficult enough to keep ahead of current technologies.

      Best wishes,