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Wacom WIreless + New Macs

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  • Wacom WIreless + New Macs

    Hi, it's been a while since i used OSCulator, and i've never had issues with it or Wacom tablets until recently. I have a new 17" MBP w/ a wacom 4 wireless tablet.. none of the mouse or button events register whether i have caps lock or 'no mouse locking ' ..

    and once i stop working with osculator, my global mouse functions are thrown off. mouse clicking in any application (from wacom or trackpad) is disabled, and my only solution is to restart using hot keys..

    any one else have this issue , or know how to trouble shoot? i would like to have momentary mouse control frmo wacom hot keys to control sound filters while i draw.

    thanks in adv!

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    Could you try to use the "don't lock mouse pointer" preference in OSCulator?

    I am curious to know if OSCulator at least receives the Waxom events. FYI, wireless tablets have not been tested yet, so I'm unsure if the problem comes from the application or the wacom driver.

    It might be good as well to check if the driver is the latest, from the wacom US website.




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      HI cam,

      i did try the 'don't lock mouse' option and no new function registers. when i use the tablet. (if i remember correctly, i shuold simply be able to move the tablet mouse or press a button to register an event, and it pops up.. right?? )

      and my drivers should be up to date. any suggestions? happy to help trouble shoot..


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        It seems the wireless wacomdriver are not compatible.

        I will contact you next week to see if we can find a way to make work, I think this might be a driver version issue.


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          hi camille, any suggestions for this ? let me know how i can help


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            I'm sorry I forgot to send you a reply.

            It seems the wireless Intuos 4 wacom tablets are using the same driver as the wired tablets, so I don't understand why it does not work.

            On monday, I will ask the Wacom support to look if they don't have a bug in their driver.

            I'm sorry, I don't have a wireless tablet at hand, so I can't test :-/




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              G'day I have an intuos 4 wireless and macbook pro. When I launch Osculator and hit capslock it shows a few inputs but the driver for my wacom dissapears from the top and my wacom stops working. Then I have to either restart or reinstall the driver. Tried all the old and new drivers wired and wireless.
              I'll just stick to my trusty graphire 4 until this problem is resolved.


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                Hi Evil,

                Could you please describe a bit more when you say it disappears from the top?
                I don't have a wireless Wacom, but I'll try with the latest driver to see if I find something.