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Bamboo Fun Medium (CTH-661) and Multitouch Support?

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  • Bamboo Fun Medium (CTH-661) and Multitouch Support?

    Hi Camille,

    Hope all is going well and glad to see this project is still going strong! I'm revisiting Osculator after a year or so, after discovering it has Wacom support. I'm looking to build some tablet instruments, which I'd like to use with two hands. My questions are:

    1. Is the Bamboo Fun Medium (CTH-661) tablet supported? (It has both pen and touch capabilities).

    2. Does it work with both touch and pen or just the pen?

    3. Could it support two pens?

    4. Is there currently any multitouch support? If so, how is it handled? If not, are there any plans to add any in future?



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    Hi Graham,

    OSCulator supports Wacom tablets by communicating using a "standard" protocol with the Wacom driver, therefore it only supports items that the Wacom driver deal with. The recognized tools can be a pen, the eraser side of the pen, or a puck tool (mouse). You can use many of them at the same time, and on multiple tablets.

    This has been tested with the Intuos 3 Wacom tablet, but users have reported it worked with Intuos 4, Graphire and Bamboo tablets as well. It seems there are some problems with Intuos 4 wireless models, but I have not been able to see myself.

    So here's the current state of Wacom support in OSCulator. As always, there are minor gotchas, your mileage may vary, and because of that I highly recommend to test before ; the best option is to ask the dealer if the item can be refunded in case it does not work as desired.

    The Bamboo Fun tablet should work alright, but only the pen will be recognized. The reason is that multi-touch events are not processed via the Wacom driver but via a auxiliary mouse driver.

    Bamboo drivers are not the same as Intuos drivers, so I can't tell for sure that it will recognize multiple pens.

    Best Regards,


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      Hi Camille,

      Thanks for the quick response. I shall try to test one out before I buy.